Undergraduate programmes

Philosophy at UCD can be studied in a number of combinations (CAO code in brackets)

A. Within a four-year Social Sciences programme (CAO code DN700):

B. Within a three-year Arts and Humanities programme (CAO code DN520):

  • as a Joint Honours with English or with History
  • as a Major along with a Minor in Art History or Music

C. Within a four-year Law programme Law (CAO code DN600)

D. As a Structured Elective of 15 credits within any other programme:

See here for the UCD webpage describing the Philosophy options


Curricular streams within the philosophy programme

Some students find the choice of philosophy modules at second and third year bewildering. The following is designed to recommend certain ‘streams’ through the philosophy curriculum. Students who are interested in module A in second year will probably, we think, be interested in module B in third year. Or, conversely, second-year students looking forward to their third year might be interested in topic B, and we would therefore recommend taking module A in their second year to prepare themselves properly. We stress that these are only recommendations; the School does not have any formal system of prerequisites.

In addition to recommending that students follow one of these streams, we also recommend more generally that students inform themselves about the content, structure and assessment of individual modules, by:

(i) contacting individual staff members ahead of time to ask for the most recent module outline or for a summer reading list;

(ii) attending as many lectures as they can in the first week of a given semester, since students can change their enrolment up until the end of the second week;

(iii) those in third year should also consult the current Graduate Student Handbook (available on-line, on the ‘graduate’ page) to examine the modules available at the MA level. 


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Year 1: Introduction to Modern Philosophy, Existentialism and Humanism

Year 2: Hume and Kant, Phenomenology & Existentialism, Selves & Others, Philosoph & Literature

Year 3: Nietzsche, German Idealism, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Interpretation, Critical Theory, Kierkegaard

Year 1: Problems of Philosophy, Critical Thinking

Year 2: Philosophy of Mental Disorder, Knowledge and Scepticism, Mind & World in Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Analytic Revolutions

Year 3: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language

Year 1: Problems of Philosophy, Reason & Paradox

Year 2: Logic, Philosophy of Science, Knowledge and Scepticism, Metaphysics, Plato's Republic & Timaeus

Year 3: Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Interpretation, Philosophy of Religion

Year 1: Introduction to Ethics, The Search for Meaning

Year 2: Aristotle, Feminist Legal Theory, Applied Ethics, The Family, Law & Ethics, Plato's Republic & Timaeus

Year 3: Critical Theory, Philosophy of Law, Matters of Life & Death, Philosophy of Good & Evil, Philosophy of Religion, History of Ethics, Animal Ethics, Aristotle's Ethics & Politics

Year 1: Introduction to Modern Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy

Year 2: Hume and Kant, Self, Mind and World in Early Modern Philosophy, Beauty and Terror in the 18th Century, Analytic Revolutions, Plato's Republic & Timaeus

Year 3: German Idealism , Nietzsche, Aristotle's Ethics & Politics, History of Ethics, Kierkegaard