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UG Curricular streams

UG Curricular streams

The UCD School of Philosophy offers almost 40 modules. On this page, we have grouped some modules together into informal 'streams'. If a student finds a module interesting, then they might want to explore other modules in the given stream. We stress that these are only recommendations; the School does not have any formal system of prerequisites.

  • Stream 1: Contemporary European Philosophy
    • Level 1: Introduction to Modern Philosophy; Existentialism and Humanism
    • Level 2: Phenomenology & Existentialism; Art & Society;  Philosophy & Literature; Body, Mind, World; Revelation and Reason
    • Levels 3: Philosophy of Interpretation; History & Philo: Nazi Germany; Phenomenology and History
  • Stream 2: Mind, Language, and Logic (‘analytic’ philosophy)
    • Level 1: Critical Thinking; Problems of Philosophy
    • Level 2: Logic; Knowledge & Scepticism; Philosophy of Mind: Philosophy of Science
    • Level 3: Wittgenstein; Philo of Language; Applied Epistemology; Philo of Fiction: Matters of Life and Death; Hume and Kant
  • Stream 3: Ethics and Society
    • Level 1: Intro to Ethics; Existentialism & Humanism
    • Level 2: Feminism; Applied Ethics, Plato's Republic; Body, Mind, World; Philo of Work; Art & Society
    • Levels 3: Aristotle; History of Ethics; Philo Religion; Philo of Law; Matters of Life and Death
  • Stream 4: Living History
    • Level 1: Introduction to Modern Philo; Ancient Philo; Intro to Eastern Philo
    • Level 2: Rationalism & Empiricism, Phenomenology; Plato's Republic: Revelation and Reason
    • Levels 3: Philosophy of Interpretation;  Irish Enlightenment; History of Ethics; Wittgenstein; Personal Identity; Love: a Philosophical Problem; History & Philosophy: Nazi Germany; Hume and Kant: Phenomenology & History

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