Arts & Humanities Study Abroad

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Arts & Humanities Study Abroad General Information

  • Offers a broad range of course options for students of any major.
  • Take classes alongside degree-seeking students, as well as dedicated classes for visiting students such as Ireland Uncovered, Music in Ireland and Reading Irish Literature.
  • Opportunity to take up to two elective courses from another academic programme area.
  • Home to the UNESCO National Folklore Collection, the UCD Classical Museum, and resident performing choirs and orchestras; UCD Arts & Humanities is a bedrock of Irish culture.
  • Famous alumni from UCD Arts & Humanities include writers James Joyce and Emma Donoghue, actor Brendan Gleeson, and film director Neil Jordan.

Subject Choices

Art History, Celtic Civilization, Drama Studies, English, Film Studies, French, German, Greek, Greek & Roman Civilization, History, Irish, Irish Folklore, Irish Studies, Italian, Latin, Linguistics, Music and Spanish.


Ruth Redahan

Ruth Redahan

Arts and Humanities Programme Manager