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Health Insurance

Private health insurance is insurance that helps cover medical and hospital costs incurred while you are in Ireland.  The Irish Immigration Service also requires students from outside the EU/EEA to obtain private health insurance for visa application and immigration registration purposes. UCD Global does not arrange health insurance for students, however we have provided some recommendations below based on our communications with the different providers.

Non-EU students must obtain private health insurance. You can purchase insurance in your home country for your first year, however you will need to ensure that it is valid in Ireland and in any other countries you plan to travel to. There are different levels of private health insurance available. Students are advised to read their policy documents carefully and pay close attention to “waiting periods” particularly if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. In addition, students should ensure that repatriation cover is included in their policy.

There are three main insurance providers in Ireland - VHI, Irish Life and Laya Healthcare.

UCD Global has a dedicated group scheme for non-EU/EEA with Vhi Healthcare, Ireland’s largest Health Insurance provider. This scheme is available to students enrolled on an academic course of one year or more. It offers a discounted rate and concessions on the standard waiting periods that must be served when joining a health insurance plan. This means that UCD students will have immediate cover for all new and pre-existing conditions. Please read through the policy wording and prices via the links below. This policy is accepted for immigration purposes.

The Group Scheme Number with VHI is 88979 and you can read further information through the dedicated page for international students. Details of their main student plan is included in the link and payments must be made directly to Vhi in order to set up a policy (Vhi will contact you to confirm annual payment details). Please note the UCD pricing discount is given at time of purchase.

Vhi has a dedicated phone line for International Students which is +353 (0) 56 775 3157. Please reference the UCD group scheme number 88979 when talking with Vhi.

Irish Life provides comprehensive health insurance for international students in Ireland. The policy enables UCD students to obtain private hospital treatment for a nominal daily fee via an upgrade plan. As there can be waiting time in public healthcare system, this can be an attractive policy for students who require immediate healthcare treatment. In addition, the policy includes mental health support via the Irish Life Health mobile app. More information on this policy can be obtained via Study & Protect 

If you are coming to Ireland to study on a course which is less than one year, you can take out travel insurance in your home country. Please check that it meets the requirements for immigration registration.  

Further information on health insurance in Ireland, including a health insurance comparison tool, is available through the Health Insurance Authority website.

Students from EU Member States in possession of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are entitled to public health services in Ireland. The EHIC card is available from the health authorities in your home country. For further information and information on your entitlements to healthcare while in Ireland, please see the European Health Insurance Card website.

Health insurance must be purchased from an Irish provider after the first year - this requirement is applicable to any student renewing their IRP card. Please refer to the above section ‘Students from outside the EU/ EEA for details on a Vhi policy which meets these requirements.