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Health Insurance

Because of the regulations of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Bureau (INIS) students from outside the EU / EEA must obtain private health insurance (please see Health Insurers in Ireland below). UCD does not arrange health insurance for students.

Non-EU students must obtain private health insurance. You can purchase insurance in your home country, however you will need to ensure that it is valid in Ireland and in any other countries you plan to travel to. There are different levels of private health insurance available. Students are advised to read their policy documents carefully.  INIS require that, if you have health insurance from your own country it must cover you up to €25,000 for in-hospital treatment.

Basic medical expenses insurance is available for approximately €160 from Study and Protect. This insurance policy will satisfy the visa/immigration requirement for private health insurance and can be obtained before students arrive in Ireland. For more information on this insurance please visit the Study and Protect website

More comprehensive plans are available from one of the three main private health insurance companies in Ireland: VHI, AVIVA or Laya Healthcare. Please note that in order to apply for a policy from one of these companies you will need to provide an address in Ireland and for AVIVA’s service you need to have a PPS number.  Also note that medical cover does not normally begin immediately with VHI or AVIVA. There is usually a ‘waiting period’ of six months.


Health insurance must be purchased from within Ireland after the first year - this requirement is applicable to any student renewing their IRP card.

Students from EU Member States in possession of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are entitled to public health services in Ireland. The EHIC card is available from the health authorities in your home country. For further information and information on your entitlements to healthcare while in Ireland, please see the European Health Insurance Card website.