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Study Abroad at UCD

University students are very welcome to study abroad at UCD for one semester or a full-year. Our dedicated Study Abroad Team will support you here in Ireland and help you get the most out of your experience academically, culturally and socially. Please see the UCD Study Abroad in Ireland brochure for details in UCD Study Abroad programmes.

To start your journey at the University, join us for Orientation 2023 and get to know your new home and fellow students.

Cultural and Social Programme

An essential part of studying abroad is for you to experience the local culture and traditions of your host country. UCD Global provides a complimentary Cultural & Social Programme for our Study Abroad students. We'll take you on various cultural nights out in the city and day tours across the island!

Music, theatre and comedy shows; national parks and heritage sites; hiking and cycling trips; castle, cave and factory tours! We're also known to throw a party or two during the trimester i.e. Welcome Reception, Thanksgiving Dinner, Super Bowl Night and much more.

This series of activities and excursions are completely FREE to attend and we encourage you to sign up to as many as you wish! At the beginning of term we'll send you a calendar of events which you can sign up for at any time during the trimester.

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Erin O'Brien

My semester in Ireland as a chemical engineering student has been filled with new faces, new classes, and new experiences. As I look back at the semester, I remember all the times spent studying, laughing, and enjoying myself with friends. UCD does a great job of integrating academics with fun extracurricular activities for its students, like having Yoga and Pilates classes, but also having events like Mario Kart Tournaments. Not only does UCD provide fun activities, but the staff are also so helpful!

Erin O'Brien, U.S.A., Chemical Engineering


1. Go to the UCD Course finder page
2. Click Special Groups > Study Abroad > Search. This will give you the list of available applications for study abroad courses. (Alternatively you can search the desired course code directly in Course Finder).
3. Click the blue 'Apply' button for the preferred course.
4. Create an account on the application portal.
5. Continue to open the application, complete & submit the application for review.

  • Autumn Trimester & Full Year – Deadline for applications is May 1.
  • Spring Trimester - Deadline for applications is October 25.
  • Summer Programmes - Varies by programme.

After the application is processed, you will receive an email notification if an offer is given or not given.

You will then login to the UCD application portal and either accept or reject the offer to study abroad at UCD.

Once you accept the offer, you will be issued a UCD student number, and begin Phase One of registration.


Once you have been offered a place on a Study Abroad Programme, you will be directed by your Study Abroad Programme Manager regarding the module (course) registration process.

Students enrolled in Business, Arts & Humanities and Social Science Study Abroad Programmes will register to their UCD modules online on a specific date.

Students enrolled on STEM Programmes will be manually registered to their modules. Programme Managers will correspond directly with students regarding their module preferences.

Students apply to the UCD Study Abroad Programme in the UCD College or School that they will be taking the majority of their modules in.

Students can take up to four core modules and up to two elective modules from other academic programmes across the University subject to capacity and timetabling.  

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all module choices have the approval of their home institution for credit transfer.

Your home institution decides on credits to be awarded for modules completed at UCD. We will be pleased to provide full information on our modules to enable institutions to make decisions regarding the transfer of credits.


Please find the UCD Academic Calendar here.

Students will have access to their class schedule/timetable once the module registration process has been completed.

Students, however, can get an idea of their schedules by checking the times and dates of their classes on the module descriptor on UCD's Course Catalog


At the end of the semester, your Statement of Results (transcript) will be available to you and sent to your home institution or provider by secure electronic means.  You and/or your home institution can also request a hard copy of your transcript. This can be arranged and sent to your home address and/or institution if necessary.

Fall Semester: Transcripts will be issued by early March.

Full Academic Year and Spring Semester: Transcripts will be issued in late July.

Summer Semester: Transcripts will be issued by early September.


The majority of study abroad students live in the on campus UCD Residences. There is an option to live off campus in private apartments/houses in and close to the city centre. UCD Global facilitates and assists you with accommodation options for your stay here, however, the tenancy agreement is between the landlord, and you, the tenant. Please see here for further details about accommodation.


Julia Drennan

The Inclusive Ireland scholarship has afforded me the opportunity to come to Ireland and take diverse classes at UCD that are not offered at my home institution, discuss with faculty who are experts in their fields, and engage in problem solving from a different perspective. It has also allowed me to meet and become friends not only with Irish students, but other international students as well. While in Dublin, I am able to fully experience Irish culture!

Julia Drennan, U.S.A., Inclusive Ireland Scholarship Awardee