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Global Partnerships Team

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Supporting UCD's Global Engagement Activities

In providing the guidance and support to University staff on the development and management of global partnerships, the UCD Global Partnerships Team is responsible for:

  • Providing guidance to other teams looking to develop an academic partnership with another institution.
  • Ensuring successful and effective management of high-level incoming delegations to UCD from our global partners and global public bodies and ensuring successful outbound missions for the UCD President and Vice-President for Global Engagement.
  • Management of global partnership submissions to the college Global Engagement Group (UMT GEG) chaired by the Vice-President for Global Engagement.
  • Management of the recording of all UCD’s Global Engagement initiatives via our online partnership database (Rowan).
  • Maintaining a formal Register of Agreements for all global university partnerships. 
  • Supporting Global Engagement strategic projects related to objective 2 of the UCD Global Engagement Strategy
  • Developing and championing policy frameworks in support of global relations, and collating and analysing information on the University’s international partnerships and its global reach.
  • Coordinating visits to the University by a wide range of formal delegations, and making arrangements for high-level overseas missions by senior UCD staff.

Meet the Team

Shauna Hughes

Shauna Hughes

Assistant Director, Global Relations and Partnerships

Shauna heads up the Global Relations & Partnerships team within UCD Global, which comprises of international relations, global partnerships, networks, student & staff mobility, and key strategic global engagement projects & initiatives.





Abigail Lalor

Abigail Lalor

Senior International Relations Officer

Abigail manages the international relations function for UCD Global with a focus on partnership development and engagement with international universities, embassies and government agencies.





Manon Tissier

Manon Tissier

International Collaborations Officer

Manon can be contacted in relation to international partnerships & agreements proposals and partnership submissions to UMT GEG. She will also be happy to provide access and training for Rowan, UCD's Global Partnerships database.





The Global Partnerships Team and UCD

The UCD Global Partnerships team works with the UCD Global Regional teams and Mobility teams to ensure partnerships are in line with regional and mobility strategies. The team also consult with a broad range of units within the University to ensure partnership proposals, reviews and renewals are in line with the goals of the University and adhere to our central standards for agreements.


Governance, Curriculum and Quality

The University Curriculum team ensure that the university systems are in place for the creation of a new collaborative programme. The University Secretariat manage the approvals process for collaborative programmes and the submission to UPB and UMT. UCD Quality office review partnerships periodically. The partnerships team collaborate with the University Curriculum team, University Secretariat and UCD Quality to ensure that partnerships and the agreements are formulated in accordance with the University standards. The Global Relations & Partnerships team seeks assurances that the proposal has the full support of the College governing boards and the university management.

UCD Legal

UCD Global Partnerships team work closely with UCD Legal to ensure that agreements meet UCD and Ireland's legal standards.

Office of the UCD President

UCD Global Partnerships team will ensure that agreements signed by the UCD President have gone through legal review, strategic review (University management - Global Engagement group) endorsement and approval in advance of submitting the agreement to the UCD president for signing.


UCD Research

UCD Global Partnerships team consult with UCD Research if any academic/ professional staff has queries on a partnership that involves research activities with a UCD partner university or if there is overlap with UCD Global Partnerships.

UCD Colleges

UCD Global Partnerships team will ensure that the Vice-Principal International for each college has oversight of global partnership proposals and activity. The Vice-Principal International will provide input to the approval of proposals by the College, including the associated business case when it is presented at the Global Engagement group.

UMT Global Engagement Group

The UCD Global partnerships team manage partnership proposals that are submitted to the University Management team Global Engagement group. The committee is chaired by the Vice-President for Global Engagement, Professor Dolores O'Riordan. This group provides high-level oversight and coordination of the University’s global engagement efforts, For more information, you can email




Proposer (School or College)

Proposal initiation, day-to-day management of partnership/programme

School or College committee

(Governing Board)

Oversight of programmes

Vice - Principal International

Sponsors the partnership at all phases


University-level oversight and endorsement partnerships/collaborations



University Secretariat

University-level committee management and oversight of approval process

UCD Global

Management of Rowan and processing of formal agreements

UCD Legal

Provision of advice/assistance with formal agreements

Curriculum Team, Administrative Services

(UCD Registry)

Collaborative programme implementation

UCD Quality Office

Management of Periodic Quality Review and Annual Programme Reporting

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