The UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business is pleased to list the following individuals as graduates of our PhD Programme. Remaining true to our core objective, all have made substantial and original contributions to knowledge, literature and science in their fields.

Our PhD Graduates

Student NamePhD Thesis titleSubject AreaSupervisor
Philip Shrives Disclosure in disarray: Assessing corporate governance explanations of non-compliance Accounting Professor Niamh Brennan
Margaret Cullen Towards a theory of the role and effectiveness of boards of directors in investment fund governance Accounting Professor Niamh Brennan
Collette Kirwan Role conflict and non-executive directors on boards of unlisted family firms Accounting Professor Niamh Brennan
Susan Griffin-Holst Tackling tax avoidance and contemporary professionalism: The impact of anti-avoidance tax legislation on the accounting profession Accounting Dr Gerardine Doyle & Professor Aileen Pierce
Kate Cullen Investigating non-professional investors' susceptibility to impression management in earnings press releases: A mixed methods study Accounting Professor Ciaran O’hOgartaigh & Professor Aileen Pierce
Liang Xu Accounting quality and the design of syndicated loans Accounting Professor Eamonn Walsh
Robert Bradley Active versus Passive Investing: An Investigation of Market Timing Banking & Finance Professor Anthony Brabazon
Kai Fan Implied and Excess Volatility Analysis with Novel Approaches Banking & Finance Professor Anthony Brabazon
Cui Wei Adaptive Trade Execution and Liquidity Dynamics Banking & Finance Professor Anthony Brabazon
Yin Zheng Essays on Genetic Programming Applied to Financial Modelling Banking & Finance Professor Anthony Brabazon
Deven Bathia Asset Pricing implications of investor sentiment Banking & Finance Professor Don Bredin
Ningyue Liu Institutional Investors and Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets Banking & Finance Professor Don Bredin
Colm Doyle Three Essays on Dynamic Asset Allocation Implications for Risk Based Pension Plan Design Banking & Finance Professor John Cotter
Yan Ping Zhong Validating Risk Measurement Models for Market Risk Management Banking & Finance Professor John Cotter
Jing Dang The Static Approximation to Dynamic Asset Allocation - A Stochastic Programming Approach Banking & Finance Dr David Edelman
Richard McGee Information-Efficient Investing Banking & Finance Dr David Edelman
Patrick O’Sullivan Robust Portfolio Selection Banking & Finance Dr David Edelman
Elaine Laing Foreign exchange exposure, multi-nationality, and corporate governance: a study of US firms Banking & Finance Dr Elaine Hutson
Min Ye Corporate foreign exchange exposures in emerging markets Banking & Finance Dr Elaine Hutson
Saeed Alameri A Comparative Evaluation of the Performance of the Islamic and Conventional Funds Industry Banking & Finance Professor Ray Kinsella
Beatrice Doran Knowledge Management: an empirical analysis in relation to healthcare Banking Finance Professor Ray Knsella
Abinhav Goyal Essays in Corporate Payout Determination Banking & Finance Dr Cal Muckley
Jian Ke Volatility spill-over effects between the Chinese Stock Market and the main markets abroad Banking & Finance Professor Louis Murray
Patrick Shallow Empirical Measurement and Analysis of Retail Credit Risk Banking & Finance Professor Louis Murray
Bianca Foehrer Collaboration through Education? Transnational Competence and Trade Unions’ Cross-Border Commitment Industrial Relations & Human Resources Dr Roland Erne
Darragh Golden Bridging National and Diverging Socio-Economic Interests:Transnational Labour Migration, Industrial Relations and the European Integration Process Industrial Relations & Human Resources Dr Roland Erne
Roberta Aguzzoli Accounting for HRM Practices of a Brazilian Multi-national Company's Subsisiaries in Developed Countries Industrial Relations & Human Resources Professor John Geary
Ilona Hunek Accounting for the Employment and HR Practices of Foreign-owned Banks in Poland under Transition Industrial Relations & Human Resources Professor John Geary
Lu Miao Shannon Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and Brokerage Centrality as Pathways to Emergent Leadership in Multicultural Settings Management Professor Tom Begley
Brona Russell The Role of Cognition, Emotion and Attitudes in Negotiation Behaviour: An AET-Based Model Management Dr Jacob Eisenberg
George Onofrei Collaborative Improvement: An Innovative Approach for Enhanced Performance Management Professor Brian Fynes
Antonio Vico Garcon Organisational Learning and R&D Performance Management Professor Pat Gibbons
Cubie Lau An Exploratory Study of Environmental Strategies in China Management Professor Patrick Gibbons
Phil Halligan Transformational Leadership in a Professional Practice Environment: Exploratory Study in an Acute Healthcare Setting Management Professor Aidan Kelly
Ruifang Wang Middle Managers' Ambidexterity: Exploring Individual Level Antecedents Management Professor Patrick Gibbons
Yan Zhang Antecedents of Repatriation Adjustment: Evidence From Chinese Returned Students Management Professor Aidan Kelly
Fan Wang The Relationship Between Personal Values and Knowledge Transfer Effectiveness and Efficiency Management Professor Aidan Kelly
David McKevitt An exploratory study of mentoring relationships: context, processes, and outcomes Management Dr Donna Marshall
Peiran Su The Influence of Failure on Product Innovation and Firm Performance Management Dr Peter McNamara
Olga Ryazanova Drivers of Occupational Human Capital: Identifying and Developing Research Productivity in the Globalized Business School Industry Management Dr Peter McNamara
Niall Connolly Cognitive Clusters: The Impact of Cognitive Style on Group Self Structuring Management Dr Eleanor O’Higgins
John Cashell A Competence-Based Evolutionary Theory of the Multi-National Corporation Subsidiary Management Professor Frank Roche
Eric Clinton Strategic Entrepreneurship in Multi-Generational Family Firms : A Resource Management Perspective Management Professor Frank Roche
Colm Foster The Assessment of Leadership and The Impact of Personality & Emotional Intelligence Management Professor Frank Roche
Sen Xu The role of benevolence and trust in fostering employee creativity Management Dr Ian Walsh
Mahabubur Rahman Creating or Destroying Value through Mergers and Acquisitions: A Marketing Perspective Marketing Professor Mary Lambkin
Alan McCormack The Genie and the Bottle: Capturing and Measuring Passion Brands Marketing Professor Tony Meenaghan
Cathy McGouran Exploring Non-Consumption and its Effects on Consumer Well-Being Marketing Professor Andrea Prothero
Peadar O’Scolai The politics of identity and materiality in Health Information System Innovation Management Information Systems Dr Seamas Kelly
Michael Phelan Evolving multi-echelon supply chain inventory and ordering policies using biologically inspired grammar based meta-heuristics Management Information Systems Dr Sean McGarraghy
Paula Carroll The Ring Spur Assignment Problem Management Information Systems Dr Sean McGarraghy


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