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UCD Host Internship Agreement Form

All interns attend an orientation at UCD before their internship commences. Employers will be provided with an Employer Guide and will be required to sign the Host Internship Agreement

The employer should organise an induction for the student which should cover a tour of the facilities, role expectations, a work plan and communication and reporting structures. The employer should also ensure that the intern is provided with all of the necessary safety training and information as required to carry out their assigned tasks safely. 

Interns remain UCD-registered students throughout the internship and are supported by the Internship Manager and Academic Coordinator. They should be treated in the same manner as other staff members. The student should be assigned a mentor/manager that they will work with. During the internship we will require the employer to liaise with the Internship Manager and provide feedback on the intern’s progress. In some cases we may ask that a site visit be facilitated.

At the end of the internship the employer will be asked to complete a performance review form that will then be returned to the student’s home university.

The internship is unpaid. However, where possible, companies are encouraged to provide the intern with lunch/travel vouchers.

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