Eligible applicants are scored on their best six recognised subjects, from a single Leaving Certificate sitting, as follows:

Leaving Certificate

Percentage Grade Points Higher (H)
Points Ordinary (O)
90-100 1 100 56
80-89 2 88 46
70-79 3 77 37
60-69 4 66 28
50-59 5 56 20
40-49 6 46 12
30-39 7 37 N/A
Leaving Cert
Vocational Programme
(LCVP) Link Modules
Grade    Points       Other Scoring
Distinction 66 Pre 2017 Leaving Cert
Merit 46 A-level Scoring
Pass 28 EU Scoring

 Important notes for all applicants:

  • 25 additional points will be awarded for a grade H6 or better in Leaving Certificate Mathematics, where that subject is one of the six subjects being counted for points purposes.
  • The school-leaving examination performance of applicants is scored on the basis of applicants’ best results in not more than six individual recognised subjects taken in the Leaving Certificate examination of any one year. Where an applicant presents school-leaving examinations in two or more years, the best result in a single sitting will be selected for scoring purposes.
  • The one-year scoring restriction does not affect the separate matriculation requirements (i.e. it is still possible to meet matriculation requirements over more than one year, except for Medicine where applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements in the same sitting of the Leaving Certificate that they use for points calculation purposes).
  • The subjects and combination of subjects not permitted for matriculation also applies when computing an applicant’s points score.
  • The school-leaving examination performance of applicants who presented the Leaving Certificate and Matriculation Examinations in or before 1992 is scored on the basis of the six best subjects in a single sitting of either examination.
  • As the points levels are determined by the current year’s Leaving Certificate results, it is not possible to forecast the points which will be required for entry to any course in this or any year in the future.
  • Remember, you must first meet the minimum matriculation and subject entry requirements in order to have a points score and be considered for entry to a course.

Programmes with different points

  • The points scores for Medicine (DN400) are adjusted when combining with HPAT, please see Medicine page for details.
  • Points listed against Graduate Entry Medicine (DN401) show the minimum GAMSAT score required for entry in that year.

Leaving Certificate pre 2017

The comparison of grades below also apply for entry requirements e.g. if a H4 is required, a HC2 from a 2016 Leaving Certificate will meet this requirement.

Pre 1992 Grade 1992-2016 Grade 2017+ Grade Points Higher (H)
Points Ordinary (O)
A A1 1 100 56
  A2 2 88 46
B B2 3 77 37
C C1 4 66 28
  C3 5 56 20
D D2 6 46 12
E E   33* N/A
Leaving Cert
Vocational Programme
(LCVP) Link Modules
Grade    Points
Distinction 66
Merit 46
Pass 28

*This is different to the 2017 score for H7 because Grade E covered range 25-39% whereas H7 is 30-39*