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Minimum Entry Requirements (Matriculation)

Students must normally be seventeen years of age by 15 January following entry: i.e. for entry in 2024, date of birth must be on or before 15 January 2008. There is no upper limit. In exceptional circumstances the requirement may be appealed.

Applicants presenting the Irish Leaving Certificate (established) must have six recognised subjects, selected according to course requirements, and must obtain Grade H5, or better, in two subjects and Grade O6/H7, or better, in the remaining four subjects. For all courses in UCD, this must include Irish (unless exempt) and English.

UCD is a constituent university of the (opens in a new window)National University of Ireland and full regulations are published on their website.

Please note: the Applied Leaving Certificate does not meet matriculation and entry requirements.

All subjects of the Leaving Certificate – Higher and Ordinary level – are recognised by the National University of Ireland for matriculation purposes, except as outlined below:

Subjects and combinations of subjects not permitted:
  • The subject ‘Physics and Chemistry’ may not be presented with either ‘Physics’ or ‘Chemistry.
  • Agricultural Economics’ may not be presented with ‘Economics’.
  • Classical Studies’ may not be presented with ‘Latin’ or ‘Greek’.
  • The subject Mathematics Ordinary Alternative/Foundation Level’ will be accepted for matriculation registration purposes. However, points will not be awarded for this subject and it cannot be used as a substitute for the subject ‘Mathematics’ in courses for which ‘Mathematics’ is an entry requirement.
  • The subject ‘Gaeilge – Bonnleibhéal’ (Irish-Foundation Level) will not be accepted for matriculation registration purposes or points.
    Applicants presenting older leaving certificate results, including subjects which are no longer offered, should contact usfor advice with regard to any exclusions which may apply.

A-level applicants should see the full list of  (opens in a new window)recognised subjects. For other EU qualifications, generally the subjects recognised in the Leaving Certificate and A-level are recognised.

 The following subjects in the Irish Leaving Certificate/A-level are recognised laboratory science subjects:
  • Agricultural Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and Chemistry (Joint)
  • Physics

In addition Science at GCSE (grade C or better) is recognised.
For Science (DN200) the subjects Geography, Computer Science and Applied Maths may also be used as a Laboratory Science subject

Generally, a minimum grade of O6/H7 in Leaving Certificate Irish is required for all applicants born in Ireland.

You are automatically granted an exemption and do not need to apply for one, if you
  • are resident in Northern Ireland and are presenting GCE/GCSE qualifications for matriculation. OR
  • were born outside Ireland (32 Counties) and are permanently resident outside Ireland and are presenting qualifications other than the Leaving Certificate for matriculation
In the following situations, exemptions from the Irish requirement may also be possible but you must apply for an (opens in a new window)NUI exemption from Irish using the(opens in a new window)Exemption Application Form:
  • born outside the Republic of Ireland and  presenting the Irish leaving certificate.
  • educated for an extended period outside Ireland
  • with specific learning difficulties affecting language acquisition

NB: A Department of Education and Science exemption will not suffice; it must be an NUI exemption. This will show on your CAO statement as "IRS X".

Applicants with specific learning difficulties affecting language acquisition (dyslexia) may apply for exemption from the requirement of presenting another language. To apply for an (opens in a new window)NUI exemption, it is necessary to send a completed (opens in a new window)Exemption Application Form and other relevant material.

NB: A Department of Education and Science exemption will not suffice; it must be an NUI exemption.

UCD is committed to the objective of promoting 'equality of access to higher education, irrespective of social class, age or disability'. To widen access to 3rd level, participating colleges have developed a range of initiatives including the following supplementary admission routes:

All offers of a place are subject to UCD's Terms and Conditions of Offer.

All students must comply with the general regulations of the university.

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