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UCD Research Culture Initiative

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About the Initiative

What is Research Culture?

“Research Culture” encompasses the way we do our research, our behaviours and attitudes to each other in our work, how we value the contributions of others involved in our research and how our research is communicated.

What is the aim of the Research Culture Initiative?

We want to reinforce a positive research culture in UCD, one that supports an innovative and creative research environment in which excellent research is carried out with integrity. We want the full range of activities that characterise high quality research to be recognised and rewarded.

Why are we doing this?

At UCD, we care about the culture in which our research is generated. We recognise that a supportive Research Culture underpins research excellence, that collegiality and collaboration are often undervalued measures of esteem, and that promotion of a positive, supportive and productive research culture requires collective action from individuals and teams.

What are the benefits of this initiative?

Working together we will develop a pathway for the future development of UCD’s Research Culture, identifying how it can be improved to create a more positive, inclusive and affirming work environment for everyone involved in research.

How will we do this?

An initial survey will get a snapshot of the views of our research community. We will further develop emerging themes from the survey in a series of World Café events, where we will foster conversations about UCD’s Research Culture. Outcomes from this survey and discussions will plot a path to additional actions. In parallel, we will provide a single portal for mentorship and development opportunities relevant to research, for all members of the UCD community, focusing on training which will enhance researcher career development and in-team experiences.

What can I do to improve the Research Culture at UCD?

Get involved in this Initiative ! To everyone who participated in the survey - thank you! Next you can join the discussions at the World Café events, submit your ideas using the suggestion box on the website, and make your views known to the Steering Group.


Contact Us

University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland
E: research.culture@ucd.ie