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Responsible Use of Research Metrics

The project, supported by the (opens in a new window)(opens in a new window)National Open Research Forum Stimulus Fund, will pilot training on the Responsible Use of Research Metrics (RURM) through an online, accessible module for those involved in recruitment, research assessment, and promotion decisions, co-designed with the research community.  Based on feedback, it will be refined to facilitate scale-up as an Open Education Resource (OER).

Pilot testing will involve cohorts representing a range of disciplines and career stages. Participants will be recruited via multi-disciplinary research institutes at UCD and partnering HEIs. The module will be delivered through UCD’s virtual learning environment software – Brightspace, and will be made available through opencourses.ie, or similar platform, for external participants. The content will be evaluated from the continuous assessment built into the training itself. Metrics including assessment scores will inform quantitative evaluation. The process and delivery will be evaluated qualitatively by voluntary follow-on interviews with participants.  

The project targets the National Action Plan for Open Research theme 'Establishing a culture of open research' and responds to priorities A3.3.1, A3.3.2 and A3.2.1 which address reforming research assessment, RURM and inclusive stakeholder input, respectively. Each of these are necessary steps in order to embed open research practices in the research ecosystem and progress the adoption of system-level changes Hence this project incorporates essential steps towards establishing a culture of open research in Ireland. Evaluation of the project outcomes will include an assessment of the relationship between increased Open Research and awareness and adoption of RURM. Training on RURM also serves action items on the UCD Research Culture roadmap including valuing Open Research and raising awareness of the UCD RURM Statement and its implementation.  

Registration for the UCD Co-Design Workshops is coming soon.

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The project team includes:

  • Grace Mulcahy (UCD, PI)
  • Patrick Murray (TUS)
  • David O’Connell (UCC)
  • Fiona Brennan (DCU)
  • Michelle Norris (UCD Geary Institute)
  • William Fitzmaurice (UCD Earth Institute)
  • Liam Cleere (UCD)
  • Emma Dorris (UCD)
  • Colleen Thomas (UCD)
  • Patrick Phillips (UCD)

RURM Partners

RURM Spotlights

Empowering Irish Research:

Co-Designing Training on the Responsible Use of Research Metrics

23-24 / May / 2024 

We are excited to announce our participation in the RESSH 2024 conference in Galway, where we presented our latest work on “Empowering Irish Research: Co-Designing Training on the Responsible Use of Research Metrics.” This project is a collaborative effort aimed at raising awareness and fostering responsible research assessment practices within the Irish research ecosystem.

RESSH Conference Poster

RESSH RURM Conference Poster

RURM Gantt Chart(opens in a new window)

The Gantt Chart provided outlines the structured timeline and sequence of activities for the Responsible Use of Research Metrics (RURM) project. It serves as a detailed planning tool, illustrating the start and end dates for each work package (WP) involved in the project's lifecycle. From the initial review and reuse of existing resources to the co-design workshops, testing phases, refinement of materials, and final dissemination efforts, the chart offers a comprehensive view of the project's scheduled tasks and milestones. This visualisation aids in ensuring timely execution and effective management of the project, allowing partners to monitor progress and coordinate efforts across the various stages of development.




D1: Report of existing materials

M1: Focus group participants recruited

D2: Dataset – quantitative pilot testing

M2: Pilot testers recruited

D3: Dataset - qualitative pilot testing

M3: Feedback participants recruited

D4: OER RURM Training

M4: Datasets deposited

D5: Infographic video

M5: Cross-institutional committee based in National Chapter of CoARA established to make periodic reviews and update module accordingly

D6: Report of recommendations for scale up of training module

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