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Highlighting and Communicating why Research Culture matters

We will continue to develop and publicise our new Research Culture website, and add other communication tools including a Research Culture Toolkit, “Research Culture Week”, and engage in consultation, development and implementation of a UCD Research Culture award.  The Toolkit will include guidance and assistance on writing RURM-compliant CVs, as increasingly required by funding agencies.

Positioning UCD as a Leader, Nationally and Internationally, for its Research Culture

As yet, there is no broad national framework in Ireland devoted to optimising research culture, although it has been referenced within the National Forum for Research Integrity. UCD therefore has an opportunity to articulate its leadership in this regard nationally, and, ultimately, also internationally. This reflects the breadth and ambition articulated in Shaping the Future. To this end, we will curate and document UCDs Research Culture initiatives and Actions, demonstrating their underpinning of Research Integrity and Research Excellence.

Opportunities for sharing these ideas and achievements through conference presentations and scholarly publications will be pursued. In addition, we will organise, during 2022, a UCD Symposium on Research Culture, showcasing our initiatives externally, and sharing best practices with other leaders in this field, as well as with funding agencies and other research stakeholders

If you would like more information about the Research Culture Toolkit or the UCD Symposium on Research Culture, please contact us at (opens in a new window)research.culture@ucd.ie.

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