Group Members

Donal Brennan
Donagh Egan
Ph.D. Student, Kolch/Zhernovkov/Brennan Groups
Myriam Nabhan
Postdoctoral Researcher, Kolch/Brennan Groups

About the Group

What We Do


Key Research Interests 

  • Obesity Related Carcinogenesis. I have an active research group in collaboration with ProfCarelLe Roux examining the underlying molecular mechanisms of obesity induced carcinogenesis. We are using cell line and animal models to investigate this. We are also developing clinical studies to investigate the effect of intentional weight loss on endometrial cancer biology. I am also a senior investigator on the first randomised study of weight loss as a treatment of endometrial cancer - the FeMMe trial is recruiting patients in Australia at present.  
  • Precision Medicine Solutions for Ovarian Cancer. We are currently developing novel predictive assays to improve patient stratification in ovarian cancer. In collaboration with Prof Walter Kolch and collaborators inTCDmRCSI and Queens we are developing novel, high throughput, multicellular 3D cell culture models.
  • Cancer Genomics. In collaboration with Prof Brendan Loftus and Prof Kieran Sheehan (SVUH) we have worked closely with the Ireland East Health Group Cancer Academic Directorate to develop a clinical genomics service for somatic mutation testing in solid organ tumours