Gomez-Matallanas Group


Group Members

David Gomez Matallanas
Assistant Professor
Norhan Aboud
Ph.D. Student, Gomez Matallanas Group
Rashmi Sharma
DevelopMed Fellow & Postdoctoral Researcher, Kolch/Gomez Matallanas Groups
Elena Merino Tejero
Postdoctoral Researcher, Gomez Matallanas Group

About the Group

What we do 
The main focus of the group is the study of signalling networks in order to understand the fundamental properties that govern them and map new branches of these networks. In particular we focus on the MST2/Hippo pathway and the Ras family of oncogenes but given the multidisciplinary nature of SBI’s research we are also involved in several projects with other SBI researchers. The methods that we have developed for the study of interaction proteomics, pathway reconstruction and data integration can also be used for the study of other fields and we are currently applying them for the study of Nanomaterials. 

Join our team 
To find out more about our research, to collaborate on a project or if you are interested in postdoc, PhD or internship opportunities, contact david.gomez@ucd.ie.

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