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Nationalism, Peace and Organised Violence (NPOV)

This research group brings together scholars with diverse theoretical and empirical backgrounds that share common scholarly interests: the analysis of social, political, judicial and cultural phenomena related to dynamics of nationalism, peace and violence. The focus is on understanding violence from the sociological, historical and socio-legal perspectives.  Some of the topics this research group explores include: war, violence and democracy; nationalism, organised violence and modernity, military dictatorships; memory politics and commemorations; the state violence against minority groups, human rights; Holocaust; genocide and ethnic conflicts; revolutions, clandestine political violence, the role of language in uniting the people of a nation or dividing them. The researchers in this group use qualitative, quantitative, historical and mixed methods for research, and collect data from qualitative interviews, surveys, archives, case studies, experiments, policy analyses, and ethnographic work.

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  • Laura Acosta Gonzalez
  • Lorenzo Posocco
  • Michael Breslin
  • Paula O'Donohoe
  • Samuel Scanlon
  • Yuliang Lu

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