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UCD Teaching and Learning has devised a Case Study Template with the following key headings:

  • Overview and Background/Context
  • What I/we aimed to do
  • How I/we did it
  • How it went
  • Resources

If you would like some advice and support in preparing your case study, contact us.

You may like to share the strategies or initiatives you employ in your teaching with others in the teaching and learning community. There are several ways that you can share your teaching practice with your colleagues at UCD and with others outside the institution. Here are some suggestions:

Case Study

‘Case studies and reports may be used to link reflection, use of research evidence and literature with the developing teaching practice of the author’ (Fry, Ketteridge and Marshall 2009). UCD Teaching and Learning regularly seek out research for showcases of innovations in teaching and learning for sharing across the institution and externally.

A case study is a great way of distilling down an initiative you have introduced or an approach you have taken in your teaching into its main components for sharing with UCD colleagues. Browsing existing case studies at UCD is a good way of finding out about good practice across the institution. It is also an opportunity to support your scholarship of teaching and if appropriate, will be published on the UCD Teaching and Learning website in a PDF version, shared with the UCD Teaching and Learning Community and with potential for later sharing as UCD T&L web showcase.

Present at your School Teaching and Learning Forum

Many schools host teaching and learning forum events where colleagues convene to discuss topics relating to their teaching. Contact your School Head of Teaching and Learning to learn more about how you can contribute to the development of good practice across your school.

Join the UCD Teaching and Learning Community

The UCD Teaching and Learning Community is an online forum for sharing and discussing your ideas or questions relating to teaching and learning. The community has almost 500 members of faculty and staff, and new members are always welcome.

Peer Dialogue or Observation on Teaching 

This involves working with colleagues to observe each other’s teaching in practice. UCD Teaching and Learning can support you in your peer observation journey. For more information, please go to Gathering Evidence on Your Teaching and Peer Observation of Teaching on our website. You may also find our resources helpful:

Research and Publication

This is the most public and formal method by which you can share your practice through conducting scholarly research and publishing on an area of your teaching for a peer-reviewed journal. UCD Teaching and Learning provides enhanced support in this through its dedicated professional development module Getting Published. Some restrictions apply so please contact teachingandlearning@ucd.ie for more detailsIf you are thinking about conducting some research on your teaching, see Researching and Publishing Your Teaching.

Professional Development Portfolio

This more formal mechanism provides an opportunity for you to capture developments in your practice over a period of time. See Professional Development Portfolio to learn more. 


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