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Technology Enhanced Learning

Module Design and Structure Considerations

Brightspace offers us an opportunity to provide students with an enhanced learning experience regardless of the mode of delivery.  Brightspace has the potential to enable a shift to a more interactive and contextualised presentation of learning materials and assessments. Prior to planning your module design and structure in Brightspace, it is essential that you review design principles, design steps and familiarise yourself with guidelines for presenting learning material and activities in the UCD Virtual Learning Environment.

These module design considerations will support you as a module coordinator to design and redesign modules by realigning assessment with learning outcomes while reframing learning materials and activities for students and presenting them via Brightspace in a contextualised format. It is anticipated that it will assist you to make decisions based upon pedagogical requirements in the context of your module and programme, thus enabling the potential to utilise Brightspace as an active teaching and learning space.

This guide will deal with the following key components: