Technology Enhanced Learning

Providing Feedback in Brightspace

It is widely accepted that feedback plays a crucial role in the student learning process. By providing students specific, meaningful, actionable and timely feedback it can improve student performance and learning.

Feedback is generally understood as staff giving feedback to students however, recent definitions of feedback (National Forum, 2017; UCD Academic Regulations 4.32)  have advocated for a broader understanding of feedback to include the development of students’ ability to monitor and judge their own learning i.e. student-generated feedback. For a complete overview of UCD’s feedback strategies, including both giving feedback and developing students’ ability to self-monitor, refer to our resource page: How do I give feedback to students.

This resource highlights some efficient ways of providing both staff and student-generated  feedback utilising Brightspace. It outlines the process of providing various feedback formats using the built-in feedback tools available within Brightspace as follows: 

Practical Tip

Before providing feedback, it is essential to understand the general steps involved in reviewing and grading assignment submissions in Brightspace