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Ucard Purchase List

Below is a complete list of all purchases which can be made using your Ucard account.

If the purchase you require is not on this list, do not top up your Ucard account. The Ucard Bureau operates a No Refund policy in line with our Terms and Conditions.

UCD Printing and Scanning Service

A Ucard is required for using the printing, scanning and photocopying services within the UCD Campus environment.

For more information regarding the UCD printing and scanning service click here Copi-Print

Online Purchases

You may use your Ucard account to pay for the following online services.
  • Locker rental
  • Pay a Library fine

School items and services that can be purchased using your Ucard account

  • Chemistry stores
    • Introductory Chemistry
    • Intro Chem 4 Agriculture
    • Chem for engineers
    • Molecular world
    • Str+ reac org chemistry
    • Physical chemistry
    • Chemistry for biology
    • Basic in organic chemistry
    • Intro bio mocule
    • Intro trans metal chem
    • Functional bio molcules
    • Medicianal chem + chem bio
    • Org chem for engineering
    • Environmental and sustainable chem
    • Physical chemistry chem 2
    • Lab Kit
    • Applied intro and phy chem
    • Basis of organic chemistry and chemical biology
    • Structure and reactivity in inorganic chemistry
    • Inorganic chemistry for engineers
    • Chemical thermodynamics and physical transformations
    • Safety spectacles overglasses
    • Spatula
    • Assistive technology equipment deposit
    • Lab access card deposit
  • Veterinary School
    • Vet Surgical scrubs
    • Vet Scissors
    • Vet Thermometer
    • Vet pen torch
    • Vet Slip lead
    • Vet complete Pack.
    • Vet hospital access charge
    • Veterinary Intro package
    • Vet Large Instrument kits
    • Vet Small instrument kits
    • Vet External clinical placement stage 4

 UCD Retail Shops

You can use your Ucard to make purchases in the UCD retail shops below (cash and credit/card also accepted)
  • Copi-Print Stationary shop