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Ucard Topup

Below you will find the different ways in which you can top up your Ucard account.

There are some things you must take into consideration when topping up your Ucard account.

The Ucard Bureau does not facilitate Ucard account refunds; the responsibility is on the student to ensure all money on their Ucard account is spent before leaving the Campus.

Do not topup your Ucard account by large amounts (only what you know you will need)

If you are topping up your Ucard account to make a specific purchase from your School or College, please double check the Ucard is accepted for the specific purchase. A list of item that can be purchased using the Ucard can be found here on the Ucard Purchase List.

Online Topup

Online Topup

Ucard Account Online Topup

The quickest and easiest way to top up your Ucard account, is an online Topup via SISWeb.

Click here to login to SISWeb to perform an online topup.

Nadia At Till

Cash Topup

Ucard Bureau Topup Station

Students can topup their Ucard account at the UCD Ucard bureau, 

The Ucard bureau accept cash and Credit/Debit card payments.

Simply call into the Ucard bureau and ask the attendent to topup your Ucard account 

You can find our locations here.

Student Topping up her Ucard

Ucard Kiosk Topup

Ucard Topup Kiosks

There are several Ucard Topup Kiosks which are available for use throughout the UCD Campus.

The Ucard Topup Kiosk use a Tap and Go Credit/Debit card payment method only.

For Ucard Topup Kiosk instructions and location details Click Kiosk Locations