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Design Library - Spotlights

The Spotlights Component uses the Content Type 'Design Library - Home3ColsSpot' and displays three blocks in a row containing an Image, Text with an option for an Internal or External Link. The Polygon can be set to appear on either the left or right and there are two different layout options if multiple instances of the Content Type are used in a row on a page (Slider or Grid)

The Content Type contains fields for 'Name', 'TitlePanel' (the standard text used here is Spotlights and if you're using more than one instance of this in a row, leave this field blank in the second Content Type).

There are three blocks of content 'Title 1' (this is the text that appears in the top left hand side of the image), an option for an Internal or External link, 'Image 1' (using an Image from the Media Library with dimensions 450px x 280px) and 'Content' (this field is for the text that appears under the image). 'Title 2', an option for an Internal or External link, 'Image 2' and 'Content'. 'Title 2', an option for an Internal or External link, 'Image 2' and 'Content'.

There's a field for 'Polygon Position' (left or right) and 'Layout' with an option for Slider or Grid.

'Background Colour' allows you to select a background colour for the section.

Spotlights Slider

When using multiple uses of this Content Type in a row on the same page, tha 'Layout' field allows you to choose how the content is displayed. Set the Layout to Slider for the the content to appear in a scrollable single row.


Spotlights Grid

Set the Layout to Grid for the the content to appear in multiple rows.


Students on the UCD Campus Spotlight 1
This uses the content type 'ucdcanc-Home3ColsSpot'
View down on the spiral stairs in Science East Spotlight 2
This component can be displayed as a 'Slider' or a 'Grid'
Student in a lab in UCD Spotlight 3
The Component creates 3 Spotlight items

Site Contact Component

University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 7777 | E: sample.name@ucd.ie |

This component appears on every page of the site and is located in the section 'contactfooter'. Fields will only appear if populated with content. The 'contactfooter' section also contains separate components for each social media item.