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Design Library - Document Repository

Content Type 'Design Library - Document Listingshould appear at the start of the section and is followed by the Content Type 'Design Library - Document Item' . Each 'Design Library - Document Itemrepresents one document. It can be used to display a list of documents available to download. 

Design Library - Document Listing

The content type contains fields for 'Title' and 'Summary' and the mandatory field 'Resource Location' (this field should be populated with the section where you are adding the documents to)

Design Library - Document Item

The content type contains fields for 'File type'(select from Audio, PDF, Video, Web page, Word ) ,'Title' and 'Description'( short description of the document)  as well as options to include the document as an internal link, external link or link to an item in the Media Library. There are also fields for 'Type' and 'Categories' to customise the classification of the documents as needed.

Design Library - Document Listing


Site Contact Component

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This component appears on every page of the site and is located in the section 'contactfooter'. Fields will only appear if populated with content. The 'contactfooter' section also contains separate components for each social media item.