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Design Library - Video Gallery

The Video Gallery uses a combination of two Content Types to display videos hosted on YouTube. The Content Type 'Design Library - Image Gallery-Container (OPEN)' should appear at the start on the section and is followed by the Content Type 'Design Library - Image Gallery-Thumbnail'. Each 'Design Library - Image Gallery-Thumbnail' represents one gallery item.

Design Library - Image Gallery-Container (OPEN)

Contains a field for a name (use relevant names for your Components as the name is visible when using Components such as the Jump Menu) and a field for a 'Title' (which appears as the Title of the Component). The are two display options 'Slider' and 'Grid' with an option to set the background colour to Green or Blue.

Design Library - Image Gallery-Video

This displays a thumbnail of the YouTube video by default with an option to add a thumbnail image with dimensions of 370px x 263px. The Content Type contains fields for 'Name', 'Thumbnail Image' (this defaults the the YouTube video but you can also add your own thumbnail), 'Description' (this appears as a short descriptive line of text under the Video), 'Caption' (this appears as a short paragraph of text when the video is clicked on) and 'Video URL' (this URL can be found by clicking on 'Share' on the YouTube video's page.

Video Gallery Slider

Video Gallery Grid

The option for a Grid Layout can be selected in the 'ucdcanc-Image Gallery-Container (OPEN)' Content Type by choosing the Grid option from the 'Component Style' field.

Video Gallery Grid

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Site Contact Component

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This component appears on every page of the site and is located in the section 'contactfooter'. Fields will only appear if populated with content. The 'contactfooter' section also contains separate components for each social media item.