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Design Library - News Item

The News Item Component uses the Content Type 'Design Library - StandardPageTitleWithAddThis' and can be used to display a News Item on a page with shareable Social Media links (this can be connnected to an AddThis account but works without) and a date. This Content Type contains fields for 'Name', 'Title' and Content'. This Social Media shareable links and date appear automatically. 930px x 500px is an optimal size for a landscape image to fit the width of the component.

Using the Design Library - News Item removes the Section Name banner that appears on pages that don't include a Home Slider or Banner and replaces it with a layout that displays the Headline as the page's Heading (while retaining the breadcrumb). This allows a News Item to have a Headline that differs from a Section Name.

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Wednesday, 2 August, 2023

Students graduating on UCD campus

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Site Contact Component

University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 7777 | E: sample.name@ucd.ie |

This component appears on every page of the site and is located in the section 'contactfooter'. Fields will only appear if populated with content. The 'contactfooter' section also contains separate components for each social media item.