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Banner with YouTube Video

This Component uses the Content Type 'Design Library - InsideBannerVideo' and can accommodate a link to a YouTube video.

Design Library - Banner with YouTube Video

The Banner with Image Component uses the Content Type 'Design Library - InsideBannerVideo' and can be used to display a Banner with an embedded link to a YouTube video. Dimensions for the banner image are 1920px x 478px.

The Content Type has fields for 'Name', 'Image' (saved to the media library with dimensions 1920px x 478px), a field for an optional 'Image Mobile' (the default image will scale with screen size but you can also add a mobile image with dimensions of 767px x 400px), 'Video URL Embed' (this uses the last section of the YouTube URL, so for a sample URL of (opens in a new window)https://youtu.be/w1dA1upwBdQ only w1dA1upwBdQ is used in this field), 'Video Embed MP4' (See a detailed guide for using this as a new variation of this Component on Banner with Video) and 'Content' (accomodates a H2 heading text and a small paragraph of text). 

Slider Buttons

Slider buttons can be added to the Banner using the Content Type 'Design Library - HomeSlider-Button'. The buttons can be added globally by adding the 'Design Library - HomeSlider-Button' Content Type to the section 'sitesettings' or individually by adding to any page with a Slider or Banner. Buttons added individually to a section will overwrite the Globally applied Button on that page. There are a limit of three buttons that can be added to the Slider or Banner.

The 'Design Library - HomeSlider-Button' Content Type has fields for 'Name', 'Link Text', an Internal or External Link and an option to 'Highlight'. Highted Buttons appear with a Yellow background colour.

Site Contact Component

University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 7777 | E: sample.name@ucd.ie |

This component appears on every page of the site and is located in the section 'contactfooter'. Fields will only appear if populated with content. The 'contactfooter' section also contains separate components for each social media item.