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Your Scholarship Step-by-Step

    • Step 1: Apply to study at UCD

      Apply for your UCD programme at least three weeks before the scholarship’s closing date. Only applicants who have received an offer for an eligible UCD programme can apply for a scholarship.

    • Step 2: Review the terms and conditions of UCD's scholarships

      All scholarships have terms and conditions available online. Applications that do not meet the requirements outlined in the terms and conditions will be automatically disregarded. In the instance that an applicant is awarded more than one scholarship offer, they will receive the scholarship of greater financial value. Additionally, some scholarships stipulate they are for self-funding candidates only. You may only apply for the scholarship with your first choice course, not to multiple courses.

    • Step 3: Apply for relevant scholarships

      Once you have received an offer to an eligible UCD programme, you will be able to apply for relevant scholarships through the UCD SISWeb applications portal. Offer holders are also automatically considered for partial Global Scholarships. All scholarship decisions are made based on your submitted application materials. You may apply for more than one scholarship if you meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship.

    • Check before submitting

      Once submitted, scholarship applications cannot be edited. Please ensure you take the time to check you are satisfied with your application before you submit it. Our scholarship committee is not able to change your form once you have submitted it and you will not be able to send a second application for the same scholarship. We can, with your permission, delete your application and you can start again.

    • Step 4: Receive an answer

      Within 5 weeks after the deadline for applications, UCD Global will update the status of your scholarship application. You can review your application by logging into the UCD SISWeb applications portal. Under the ‘UCD Applications’ heading, you can view the status of each of your applications by clicking on ‘My Applications’.

    • Step 5: Accept your scholarship

      If you are offered a full or partial scholarship, you must accept this offer by the specified method within two weeks of the notification being distributed. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the required actions, a non-response will be considered as declining the offer. Students who defer their offer, or accept their offer after the deadline for their scholarship, will not retain the scholarship.

    • Step 6: Keep us informed

      Most of UCD Global’s scholarships are awarded for a specified programme and start date. If you plan to change your UCD programme or defer your entry, please let us know as this may affect your scholarship. Make sure to check the terms and conditions for your scholarship to see what limits apply.

Current Students

Already here? Here's what you need to know about maintaining your scholarship, and other scholarships available for current students.

Maintaining your Scholarship

The terms and conditions will vary depending on the scholarship you are awarded. Please note that there are some general conditions that apply to all UCD Global scholarships and UCD Global Excellence scholarships including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Minimum GPA requirements: Students must maintain a Stage GPA of no less than 3.08 to keep their scholarship;
  • Progression: Students must take a standard credit load for the stage they are enrolled in and should progress within the standard timeframe for their programme. Students enrolled in less than 50 ECTS per year may automatically lose their scholarship;
  • Full-time enrolment requirement;
  • The requirement to act as an Ambassador for UCD by participating in student panels, focus groups, blogs and other activities as requested by UCD Global.

Global Scholarship T&Cs

Being a Global Ambassador

As a scholarship recipient it is expected that you act as an ambassador for UCD, participating in student panels, focus groups, blogs and other activities as requested by UCD International. As you can appreciate, having only recently made the decision to study in Ireland and UCD, sharing student experiences is a really valuable source of information to prospective students considering study in Ireland and in UCD. UCD Global will contact all scholarship recipients and set up required activities. Our ambassadors work on projects that vary in scale and can be very prestigious - check out the piece that four of our ambassadors did with the Irish Universities Association.

Scholarships for Current Students

UCD Global administers admission scholarships, and does not have any scholarships available for current students. You will only be able to apply for our scholarships once you have an offer to an eligible UCD programme. For awards and scholarships for current students, please visit the UCD Scholarships website.

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