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Pension Schemes

UCD currently operates defined benefit pension schemes. It is one of the terms and conditions of your employment in UCD to be a member of the pension scheme. Your Explanatory Booklet is available on your online pensions records, however booklets for the various schemes are available as follows 1995 UCD Contributory Pension Scheme Explanatory Leaflet and UCD Model Pension Scheme Explanatory Leaflet and Single Public Service Pension Scheme Booklet.  Please ensure you are looking at the correct leaflet by reading the first paragraph on each leaflet carefully.  If you are unsure which scheme you are a member of please email with your personnel number and request details. New Starter Courses are run regularly by the UCD Pensions Office which provide an overview of the Pension Schemes and how they work. Details of the course are contained in the Staff Learning and Development Web Site


Pensions-related information

The UCD Pensions Office also provide information on pension related matters such as Normal Retirement, Early Retirement, AVC’s, notional service or PRSA’s, Transferring Pension Benefits and Leaver Benefits. Pensions Seminars aimed at staff who have recently joined UCD or those approaching retirement are detailed in the Staff Development section.


Recent Pensions Announcements - PLEASE READ

  1. Grace Period for Retirements
  2. Pension Related Changes
  3. Discretionary Benefits
  4. Extended Retirement Guidelines


Further Services

It is very important that any changes in family status such as marriage, birth of children, separation or divorce are promptly advised and updated on your HR record.  Please see Update My Details area of the web site for more information.