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Hourly Paid Employees


An hourly-paid employee is an individual who completes work for UCD in respect of various activities. They receive payment on a monthly basis for this activity (if work is less than a 12 week period, a staff member may be set up on weekly payroll if they are on a UCD approved hourly rate).  

To claim payment for hourly-paid work, the individual must first complete an Online Hourly Set-up Form

NOTE for Occasional Lecturers who claimed for work in 2017/18 and who will claim for work in 2018/19 - please see information note below.

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How it works

This page sign-posts important information on the process for paying hourly-paid employees: 

(1) The Online Hourly Set-up process must be completed prior to claiming online. 

(2) Information for Claimants including how to submit your online timesheet.

(3) Information for Approvers

(4) Information for Administrators

(5) Hourly Paid Rates

Please also see below information on DeadlinesGarda VettingWork Permits, Continuing Occasional Lecturers and information on the 2011 New Entrant Rates.

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Monthly ESS Timesheets:

Timesheets are released to Payroll at 5.00 pm on the Approver 2 Deadline date. Any timesheets approved by Approver 2 after this time will not be paid until the following month.

  Approver 2 Deadline
February 2019 13 February
March 2019 13 March
April 2019 11 April
May 2019 16 May
June 2019 14 June



Weekly ESS Timesheets: 

Please note that timesheets will be released to Payroll on Thursdays at 5.00 pm each week.
For Public Holidays, Easter. etc. the deadline is 5.00 pm on Wednesday.


Monthly Manual Timesheets:

  Claimant Deadline
February 2019 04 February
March 2019 04 March
April 2019 03 April
May 2019 03 May
June 2019 04 June

*Manual claim forms must be received by HR Operations in the post by close of business of the dates above or the claim will be paid the following month.


Payday falls on the last working day of every month.


Weekly Manual Timesheets:

Deadline for claims to UCD HR Operations is Wednesdays at 5.00 pm each week.

For Public Holidays, Easter. etc. the deadline is 12.00 noon on Tuesday.

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Garda Vetting

Following the commencement of the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016 on the 29th of April 2016, UCD must ensure that Garda Vetting is conducted for any new staff members who undertake activities that will bring them into contact with children or vulnerable adults.  Existing staff working with children or vulnerable adults and employed prior to 29 April 2016 who have not been vetted are required to do so by the end of December 2017.  Garda Vetting must be completed prior to the staff member starting in their postThis requirement includes short term appointments and casual staff.

For any new hourly paid staff members, you will need to consider whether the role they will be doing requires Garda Vetting.  To determine this you can consult the Garda Vetting Policy for Staff on the UCD HR website (see link below) or speak to a member of the Resourcing Team. Hourly paid staff members who were vetted in 2017 and are being recommenced in 2018 will not need to be vetted again until the 2019/20 Academic Session.  Hourly paid staff vetted prior to 2017 will need to be re-vetted.

Queries on Garda Vetting should be directed to

Further information:

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Important Note on Work Permits

Any person coming to work in UCD from outside the EU requires authorisation to work legally in Ireland.  For hourly paid staff, it is the responsibility of the School/Unit to ensure paperwork is in order before work commences.  Regulations regarding employment permits are laid down by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and must be strictly adhered to.  Payment cannot and will not be made to any person who is not authorised to work in Ireland. For more detailed information on requirements, please contact UCD HR Resourcing at ext. 4932.

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Continuing Occasional Lecturers

Continuing Occasional Lecturers refer ONLY to those who claimed for work in 2017/18 and who will claim for work in 2018/19. They DO NOT need to complete the online set-up process again. ALL other lecturers (even if they worked in other academic sessions) must complete the online set-up process again.

For Continuing Occasional Lecturers for 2018/19, school administrators have been given access to an InfoHub report which lists those who carried out Occasional Lecturing during the academic year 2017/18. They are asked to export this report into Excel and complete the 'Confirm Continuance' column indicating Occasional Lecturers who will be lecturing during the academic year 2018/19. Access to ESS Online Timesheets will be removed for Occasional Lecturers who will not be continuing. 

To facilitate payment online and payment in the October 2018 payroll, the deadline for receipt by HR Operations of the completed listing of continuing lecturers and set-up forms for new lecturers is Tuesday, 4th September 2018.

Continuing Occasional Lecturers who need to inform UCD HR of any changes to personal details should refer to the 'Update my details' page on ESS or complete the relevant forms and return to


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Notice: 2011 New Entrant Rates

In Budget 2011, the Government announced a measure whereby ‘New Entrants’ to the public service would be employed on rates of pay which are 10% less than current rates.  This is to take effect for relevant ‘New Entrant’ hourly paid staff commencing work in UCD effective from 1st September 2012.

This new rate will be applicable to anyone who has no experience of working in a similar role in the Public Sector prior to their commencing work in UCD.  On the Online Hourly Set-up Form the hourly claimant will be asked to indicate if they have previous Public Service work experience.  If they select no, they should be treated as a ‘New Entrant’ and placed on the 2011 New Entrant hourly rates.  If they select yes, they will then need to complete an additional section on the online set-up form giving details of their previous experience. This will be reviewed by HR, who will determine which rate they should be paid. The claimant and the School/Unit will be notified by HR of which rate will be applicable.

Please view the following quick links for further information on Online Hourly Paid Rates and Manual Claims Hourly Rates.


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