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Online Pension Self Service


Online pension records are now available to all pension scheme members through the UCD Employee Self Service (ESS) system. The addition of this service further enhances the services already available via ESS which include Online Payslips, eRecruitment and Online Hourly Timesheets. For detailed information and support for logging into ESS please see the ESS home page.

This page has links to relevant information including the UCD Pension Self Service User Guide, an overview of key benefits and also important points to note. Should you have any queries regarding your online pension record please complete the 'Ask HR' form at the bottom of this page and your query will be sent directly to the UCD Pensions office.

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Relevant Links & Documents

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The online pension record will provide you with:

  • Freedom of access to view your pensionable salary and pensionable service which includes transfers in from previous pension schemes and notional service purchase
  • A snap shot of your normal retirement benefits
  • Your Pension Scheme Explanatory Booklet
  • FAQs document
  • Facility to update your dependants details
  • Pensions Calculator

The Pensions Calculator allows you to model “what if” scenarios by selecting different retirement options, ages at retirement, changing work patterns or your predicted salary at retirement.  These selections will feed into calculations of your pension, retirement gratuity and benefits payable to your dependants. 

This new service will provide you with real time pension calculations at the touch of a button.  It will therefore not be necessary to issue hard copy annual pension benefit statements to all pension scheme members.  The efficiencies derived from this project will generate significant cost savings for UCD and improve accuracy of pension information.

Hard copy pension statements will continue to be issued from the Pensions Office for actual retirements, Family Law cases and final statements on leaving UCD.

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Points to note

  • Members with less than 2 years service may not be entitled to a pension or gratuity but rather a refund of pension contributions.  The Pension & Gratuity figures will appear as "zero" in your pension record.  Pension contribution deductions are shown on your payslip.
  • As Added Years are not guaranteed they will not appear on your online record.  Added Years may be granted at retirement date, at the discretion of the Minister for Education & Skills and the Minister for Finance, in respect of special qualifications or previous non-pensionable service prior to joining the University, provided that the total of actual and added years shall not exceed 40, and that the number of added years shall not exceed one third of actual service subject to a maximum of 10 years.
  • The Calculator allows you to view the effect of you changing your working patterns on your potential Pension Benefits. It also allows you to model salary or career progression and its impact on your pension benefits.
  • In calculating pension benefits for a part time member of staff, the pensionable service is reduced pro rata to the full time equivalent but the fulltime equivalent salary is used.

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Ask HR

If you cannot find the information you are looking for please 'Ask HR' by completing this form below.

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If you need to speak to a member of UCD HR staff in relation to
this service, please call us on + 353 (01) 716 4909.