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New Chairmanship at the European University Centre at Peking University: UCD takes over from Lund University


University College Dublin will be chairing the European University Centre at Peking University for the next two years.

The EUC Council elected University College Dublin during the fifth annual Council meeting held at Peking University on 19th March 2013. UCD takes over the role from Lund University and will be the chair institution for the period 2013-2015.

University College Dublin, which is now going to lead the Centre for the period 2013-2015, has appointed Professor Joe Mac-Mahon, Dr Marie-Luce Paris and Professor Muiris O’Sullivan as directors of the Centre.

During the Council meeting in Beijing, which was attended by a delegation of representatives from nine of the eleven European EUC member universities, Peking University (PKU) renewed the Agreement with the European University Centre at PKU. Wu Zhipan, Executive Vice President of PKU, and Göran Bexell, former Chairman of the EUC and former Vice-Chancellor at Lund University, jointly signed the new Agreement on 19th March.

New  Board

The Council meeting also elected a new Board for the coming two years. Professor Li Qiang and Dr. Zheng Ruqing from Peking University, Professor Paola Catenaccio from University of Milan, Professor Guo Zhengxiao from University College London and Dr. Kjell Nilsson from Lund University were elected as Board members, and Cornelia Marin from Sorbonne Universities and Jan Ifversen from Aarhus University as deputy members.

Emma Lupano, from University of Milan, was presented as the new Coordinator at the Centre.

Pictured from left: Emma Lupano, Professor Marie-Luce Paris, Dr Kjell Nilsson, Alex Metcalfe and Joe McMahon

The Council discussed the future of the European University Centre at PKU, outlining the Strategic Plan 2013-2015 and the Activity Plan for 2013. Among various topics, the delegates debated how to further develop the Centre and enhance its own visibility at all levels, how to find new sources of funding and how to improve the organisation of activities. The need to enhance research cooperation on a number of areas such as urbanisation, smart cities, social security and welfare, urban environment, food safety and law was also stressed.

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