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Living costs in Ireland

This guide is to help you work out the costs for living expenses such as accommodation, food, textbooks and other basics. Lots of things can affect how much money you'll need, so these numbers are indicative only.

  1. Accommodation

    As a UCD student you can choose to live on-campus, or rent accommodation off-campus. Find out more information on your accommodation options & costs.

    Approx per month

  2. Cost of Living

    We've started you off with some basic figures which you can change based on your accommodation type. For example if you living on-campus in a catered residence, you'll need less money for food, while if you're renting an apartment you'll need to put money aside for bills like electricity and internet.

    • Food 300 per month
    • Textbooks 100 per month
    • Other living expenses 250 per month

    Approx per month

  3. Total

    per month