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Meet the UCD North America Global Center Staff

NAGC Staff

Meet the staff (left to right): Shannon Farrelly, Sarah Blank, Maggie Cardosi, Lindsey Siferd, Jim Pierson

UCD North America Global Center
12 E. 49th St.
11th Floor
New York, NY 10017, USA

Phone:  +1 646 690 9024
Skype:  UCDublin_NAmerica
Twitter:  @UCD_NAmerica


The North America Global Center has offices in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles and divides the US into four regions:


To contact the representative in your region, use the details below:

Eastern Region

Maggie Cardosi
+1-646-690-9025 (Eastern Time)

Shannon Farrelly
+1-646-690-9025 (Eastern Time)

Patrick Smith
+1-646-690-9024 (Eastern Time)

Central Region

Jim Pierson
+1-847-373-6731 (Central Time)

Western Region

Sarah Blank
+1-650-255-8532 (Pacific Time)