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UCD/Cornell ILR “Semester in Dublin” Programme

UCD/Cornell ILR “Semester in Dublin” Programme

The UCD / Cornell ILR “Semester in Dublin” programme is UCD’s first integrated thematic study abroad programme. It is the educational centrepiece of an evolving comprehensive collaboration between the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell Universityand the Human Resource Management and Employment Relations Group.

Since its launch in 2007, the programme has provided on average 15 Cornell students per year opportunities to enhance their understanding of various dimensions of European employment relations through courses taught by UCD scholars.


The curriculum is a joint design of Cornell and UCD faculty members. In addition to a course on Irish history and culture, students will take two core modules especially developed by UCD faculty to help them understand those issues of work and workplace relations that the nations of the European Union are endeavouring to resolve in the cause of a more complete social, economic and political integration:

European Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management (HRM30020):

This module assesses the impact of the EU integration process on management, workers and the state and compares changes in employment relations in the EU and its member states with recent developments in the USA. Students of this module will also have the opportunity to participate in a study trip to the EU capital Brussels.

Multinationals in the Global Economy: Managing People (HRM30070):

This module examines critical areas of human resource management in multinational corporations. Students will attend classes and complete individual and team-based projects assignments in Irish subsidiaries of multinational companies focused around a number of major HRM issues.

Cornell ILR students will choose one other module from a list of elective courses addressing various aspects of human resource management and industrial relations, human resources, international business, management, economics, economic sociology, European politics and related disciplines. All UCD courses are taught with a series of lectures together with a strong emphasis on course work outside the classroom including project work, fieldtrips, library research, and class presentations.

Clete Daniel Memorial Medal

Since 2011, the UCD Clete Daniel Memorial Medal is given annually to the most outstanding student of the semester-long programme. The medal is named after Professor Daniel, professor of labour history and founding director of the UCD/ ILR programme at Cornell University. 

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