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Open Learning Modules at UCD

Applications for Trimester 2 are now closed.

5 colleges and 29 different schools, as well as the UCD Centre for English and Global Languages, are represented in the Open Learning programme at UCD. In total, there are almost 350 modules you can choose from as an Open Learner for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. Click on the module title below for more detailed information about that module, including what you will learn, the assessment type, and how the module will be offered (i.e. online and/or face-to-face).

Please keep in mind that Open Learning module offerings and details are subject to change and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Should your preferred module be at capacity, please email us at (opens in a new window)all@ucd.ie so that we can discuss your options.

Centre for English and Global Languages

College of Arts and Humanities

College of Business

Spring Trimester - January to May

* Students on Commerce Progression Pathway should avoid taking these modules as they are incompatible with compulsory admission modules.

Compulsory Modules only open to students on Commerce Progression Pathway:

Inside Organisations

(Autumn Trimester)


Microeconomics for Business

(Spring Trimester)

 (opens in a new window)LAW10400  Business Law

(Autumn Trimester)



Digital Technologies in Business

(Spring Trimester)



Maths for Business

(Autumn Trimester)


College of Engineering and Architecture

College of Health and Agricultural Sciences

College of Science

College of Social Sciences and Law

Spring Trimester - January to May

Find out more about our DN600 Law Open Learning Progression Pathway

Preference given for students on Law Progression Pathway:

(opens in a new window)LAW10260

Criminal Procedure

(Spring Trimester)

(opens in a new window)LAW10270

Civil Procedure

(Autumn Trimester)

(opens in a new window)LAW10420

Legal and Professional Skills

(Autumn Trimester)


Law in Europe

(Spring Trimester)

(opens in a new window)LAW10450

Law in Courts

(Spring Trimester)

Spring Trimester - January to May

Compulsory Modules only open to students on the Psychology Progression Pathway:


Introduction to the Psychology of Perception and Cognition

(Spring Trimester)


Introduction to Psychology

(Autumn and Spring Trimester)


Brain and Behaviour

(Autumn Trimester)


Introduction to Social Psychology

(Autumn Trimester)


Introduction to Applied Psychology

(Spring Trimester)