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CnF - Muckross Park Bugatto Scholarship

UCD Cothrom na Féinne Scholarships 2023

Muckross Park Bugatto Scholarship - Applications now Open!

Application deadline is October 13th 2023.

UCD recognises that the associated costs of attending third level may present a barrier for some applicants in pursuing a degree. UCD Access and Lifelong Learning, with generous support from UCD Foundation, offers a range of scholarships for students who are underrepresented at UCD.

This undergraduate Scholarship is open to new entrants to UCD (first years) who attended Dominican College or Muckross Park and have accepted an offer to study in UCD. Applicants must be entering a full-time undergraduate programme of study. 

Eligibility criteria 

Applicants are invited to apply for this Scholarship if they:

  • Have graduated from Dominican College, Muckross Park, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 
  • Demonstrate low income  through a family income threshold of €50,840 or lower.
  • Member of HEA Priority Group.
  • Financial Need 
  • Motivation to Study at higher education.

The Cothrom na Féinne Scholarship cannot be awarded to students who receive any other Scholarship or bursary,   If you are in receipt of another Scholarship or bursary you will be offered the scholarship of the greatest value

To apply you will need to:

  1. Watch our(opens in a new window)information webinar on our scholarships and on writing a strong application.  
  2. Complete an online application - Go to SisWeb > Applications > Cothrom na Féinne Applications or Go to SisWeb > My Applications if you have opened the application prior. 
  3. Complete and submit anIncome Declaration form 2023, as well as the required supporting documentation outlined below:
Indicator of Financial Need  Required Document
In receipt of SUSI Letter from SUSI confirming eligibility for current academic year
Entered UCD via HEAR pathway Letter/Email confirming HEAR eligibility
Other students

If you do not have a letter from SUSI or HEAR confirming your eligibility you must submit financial documentation for 2022 (full year). 

Appropriate documents are 

  • P21/Statement of Liability for 2022 or Chapter 4 Notice of Assessment for 2022 and/or
  • Statement from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection noting payments for 2022


For further information please contact us:

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