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BE Electronic Information Engineering Testimonials

BE Electronic Information Engineering

Fu Ziyi

The four years at BDIC have been rich and fulfilling for me. Here I broadened my international horizons. Activities such as study tours in Ireland and St. Patrick's Day parade made me fall in love with Irish culture and let me experience the customs of a foreign country. Here I greatly improved my English and made great progress in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. All courses teaching in English also laid the foundation for my future study abroad. Here I have learned a wide range of professional knowledge, and the rich curriculum allows me to recognize the direction I am interested in. Here the responsible and rigorous teachers always patiently answer our questions and give us encouragement, which makes me more confident to face the difficulties. Here the concept of the University of Dublin and Beijing University of Technology in running schools allows us to contact the teachers at both universities to do scientific research projects. We can also experience diverse teaching styles. In short, I am very fortunate to come to BDIC to complete my undergraduate studies. It makes me a better person and helps me pursue higher goals.

Li Ruijie

After I finished my final year project, I reviewed my experience in BDIC over the past four years. Not only did I find the direction to work hard, but I also met many outstanding and lovely classmates. Although I sometimes complain that there are many courses, I find that I have learned a lot of knowledge after studying. It was the sentence "That which does not kill us makes us stronger.". If I were asked to select one more time after the university entrance examination, I would still choose BDIC.