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Professor Da-Wen Sun Publishes Paper in Internationally Most Prestigious Journal

A paper entitled “Introducing reticular chemistry into agrochemistry” has been published by Professor Da-Wen Sun, UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering, in one of the most prestigious international journals: Chemical Society Reviews (impact factor: 42.846).

ProvEye’s vision is to create a clearer picture from image data

Our Start-up of the Week is ProvEye, a start-up that has developed technology that removes noise from image data to create actionable management decisions in agriculture and other industries.

Fulbright Irish Awards: Two UCD School of Biosystems & Food scholars selected for coveted transatlantic prize

Two of the UCD School of Biosystems & Food's brightest scholars have been awarded coveted research and teaching roles at some of America’s universities and institutions.
The group are among 36 recipients of this year’s Fulbright Irish Awards, which presents students, scholars and professionals in Ireland the opportunity to undertake postgraduate study, research and teaching in the United States.
The 2020 UCD awardees are from disciplines spanning medicine, food engineering, zoology and the arts.

A Milestone — Professor Da-Wen Sun’s H-Index (Web of Science) Reaches 100

The h-index of Professor Da-Wen Sun’s publications has reached a milestone of 100 according to the latest data from Web of Science. He also has an h-index of 104 from SCOPUS and 115 from Google Scholar.

UCD researcher co-leads €4.5m project to use cold plasma to treat Orthopaedic infection

When you figure out the environmental cost of making something, do you take everything into account? Dr Fionnuala Murphy at UCD School of Biosystems & Food Engineering takes a close look at various processes that use bio-based materials - from generating biofuels to making products from algae and agricultural and plastic wastes - and finds the true environmental cost across the life-cycle of those processes.