We are pleased to announce the launch of the

Irish and International

Young Philosopher Awards


 The Young Philosopher Awards (IYPA) are now in their fifth year, having been launched in 2017 by the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins. The Young Philosopher Awards brings together philosophers, primary and secondary school students, and teachers to think about and discuss the most important issues of our time.

 The IYPA includes the Irish Young Philosopher Awards and the International Young Philosopher Awards. This means as with previous years, students from Ireland and Northern Ireland may participate in the Irish Awards, and they can also participate in the International Awards. This year the International Awards are entitled ‘Youth on Trust’.

 The Irish Awards: The Irish Awards are open to primary and secondary school students in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Students are invited to create a short project on any philosophical question they consider important to think about in the current time. It can be a general or a timeless philosophical question, or one that reflects on current circumstances. All second level students and 5th and 6th class primary level students on the island of Ireland are eligible to apply. Individuals, groups and classes may submit an entry in different mediums including essays, blogs, films and podcasts.

The Youth on Trust Awards: Students from Ireland and Northern Ireland may also participate in the Youth on Trust Awards. As the name suggests, the theme for this year’s International Award is trust, where students are asked to share their thoughts on the topic of public trust. Questions to consider might include: what should we trust on social media?; should we trust experts?; does friendship require trust?; how can we spot fake news and misinformation?; what qualities are important for us to trust in scientists or politicians?; can we trust climate science;? why do we trust some people more than others?; do democratic societies need trust?; can trust save our lives?...

 Further details about the Young Philosopher Awards and the Youth on Trust Awards can be found on the IYPA website at: https://youngphilosopherawards.ucd.ie/

 For further information email: youngphilosopherawards@ucd.ie