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Autumn Fitness Team Challenge

Walk, jog, run or roll to boost your physical and mental wellbeing

Page updated 3 October 2022

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Setting the Challenge

Together with Healthy UCD, we're mixing things up this time around and shifting the focus from a personal to a team challenge. The Autumn Fitness Team Challenge will focus getting you moving regularly while also introducing an element of good-natured competition.

For 4 weeks across October and November we're challenging you and your 5-member team to clock up the KM's on campus or off campus to boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Sign-up opens: Wednesday, 5 October
  • Challenge starts: Monday, 17 October
  • Challenge ends: Sunday, 13 November

Challenges & bonus KM's

To mix things up a bit, this challenge will also include a selection of mini-challenges, including a treasure hunt and team selfie, which give your team the option to earn bonus KM's.

For teams that pass the 400KM point (that's about 3k per member, per day) there will be a celebratory lunchtime event.

Selfie Challenge Photos

Joining the Challenge

Follow the steps to sign up your team then track your distance online.

  1. All Team Members identify a captain, come up with a team name and select a day for your mental wellbeing check in / social meeting.
  2. Captain gathers the team details and emails them to Paul at engage@ucd.ie. 5 is the maximum number for your team but it's no problem if you have 3 or 4. (If you have more than 5 you'll need two teams).
  3. Culture & Engagement will set up the team on the challenge tracker and provide everyone with access.
  4. All Team Members record their KMs on to the collective 'Challange Tracker'.

On this occasion, we are focussing on walking, running or jogging. Cycling KMs can not be included on the challenge tracker.

However...if you are interested in a cycling challenge then let us know and we will look at how we can run one in the future.

On this occasion we are just keeping to running, jogging, walking or rolling.

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This is a challenge for employees and makes extensive use of Google sheets within the @ucd.ie domain. Access to the system requires participants to have a @ucd.ie email address.

For more on activities aimed at students, visit the Healthy UCD website.

Of course! If there aren't enough people in your area to complete a team then email engage@ucd.ie and we'll do our best to place you in another team that hasn't used all its slots.

It's true there are lots of APPs out there that can provide a similar service. However, we have chosen to go with an in-house version for the following reasons:

  • Better for GDPR - Names and emails are retained within UCD.
  • Better for the Charity - Using an in-house system means costs are greatly reduced and there is more money for the charity (when challenges are run in conjunction with a charity).

Contact Culture & Engagement

Culture & Engagement, UCD HR 3rd Floor, Roebuck Offices University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
E: engage@ucd.ie | Location Map