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U21 Health Sciences Group IPE International Student Challenge

U21 Health Sciences Group IPE International Student Challenge

This year UCD is fortunate to be one of the universities participating in the U21 Health Sciences Group IPE International Student Challenge.  

This year’s event is themed around the following task: How can we improve health equity and prevent the next pandemic?

In brief, students will be set this task at an introductory online session and allocated into teams. Working virtually in their teams over a three-week period, they will work to formulate evidence based recommendations to assist the WHO in contributing to the 13 multilateral health, development and humanitarian agencies committed to the Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well-being for All.

To achieve this, students will work in small interprofessional groups to conduct research related to the challenge given to them, formulate up to five evidence-based actions to be recommended to the WHO advisory group and create a five minute video to present the findings that will be discussed at the final reflective session.

The workshop will be open to approximately 60 students from across the U21 network. UCD has been invited to submit nominations for 5-7 students to participate in this exciting event. The aim is that these students represent a broad mixture of disciplines from our College. 

Please see below - a copy of the Application Form (including information about the event, dates etc.) and a PDF Promotional Flyer for distribution.

There is also a (opens in a new window)webpage with all of the information for you to share with your students.

Expressions of interest from UCD students should be sent to Associate Professor Emma O'Neill directly by completing the application form and emailing (opens in a new window)emma.oneill@ucd.ie by 1st June.

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