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Academic Membership

College of Arts and Humanities

College Principal
(opens in a new window)Regina Uí Chollatáin

Art History and Cultural Policy
(opens in a new window)Emily Mark-Fitzgerald
(opens in a new window)Kathleen James-Chakraborty
Nicola Figgis (Emerita)
(opens in a new window)Paula Murphy (Emerita)
(opens in a new window)Roisin Kennedy
(opens in a new window)Victoria Durrer
(opens in a new window)Sean Leatherbury
(opens in a new window)Lynda Mulvin
(opens in a new window)Philip Cottrell
(opens in a new window)Aleksandra Gajowy
(opens in a new window)
(opens in a new window)Aude Doody
(opens in a new window)Philip de Souza
(opens in a new window)Helen Dixon
(opens in a new window)Alexander Thein

English, Drama and Film
Anne Fogarty
(opens in a new window)Anne Mulhall
Anthony Roche (Emeritus)
(opens in a new window)Diane Negra
(opens in a new window)Emilie Pine
(opens in a new window)Fionnuala Dillane
(opens in a new window)Gerardine Meaney
(opens in a new window)Jane Grogan
(opens in a new window)John Brannigan
(opens in a new window)Jorie Lagerwey
(opens in a new window)Katherine Fama
(opens in a new window)Lucy Cogan
(opens in a new window)Margaret Kelleher
(opens in a new window)Nerys Owen Williams
(opens in a new window)Niamh Pattwell
(opens in a new window)Nicholas Daly
(opens in a new window)Paul Halferty
(opens in a new window)PJ Mathews
(opens in a new window)Porscha Fermanis
(opens in a new window)Sharae Deckard
(opens in a new window)Lucy Collins
(opens in a new window)Clare Hayes-Brady
(opens in a new window)Danielle Clarke
(opens in a new window)Treasa De Loughry(opens in a new window)
(opens in a new window)Sarah Comyn
(opens in a new window)Martha Shearer
(opens in a new window)Adam Kelly

(opens in a new window)Catherine Cox
(opens in a new window)David Kerr
(opens in a new window)Elizabeth Mullins
(opens in a new window)Charles Ivar McGrath
(opens in a new window)Marc Caball
Mary E. Daly (Emerita)
(opens in a new window)Michael Staunton
(opens in a new window)Robert Gerwarth
(opens in a new window)Roy Flechner
(opens in a new window)Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin
(opens in a new window)William Mulligan(opens in a new window)
(opens in a new window)Jennifer Keating(opens in a new window)
(opens in a new window)Julie Powell
(opens in a new window)Paul Huddie
(opens in a new window)Patrick Anthony

Irish, Celtic Studies and Folklore
(opens in a new window)Caoimhín Mac Giolla Leith
Máire Ní Annracháin (Emerita)
(opens in a new window)Meidhbhín Ní Úrdail

Languages, Cultures and Linguistics
(opens in a new window)Bettina Migge
(opens in a new window)Douglas Smith
(opens in a new window)Francesco Lucioli
(opens in a new window)Gillian Pye
(opens in a new window)Manu Braganca
(opens in a new window)Mary Gallagher
(opens in a new window)Michael Brophy
(opens in a new window)Paolo Acquaviva
(opens in a new window)Pascale Baker(opens in a new window)
Sabine Strumper-Krobb

(opens in a new window)Síofra Pierse
(opens in a new window)Ursula Fanning
(opens in a new window)Vera Regan (Emerita)
(opens in a new window)Derval Conroy(opens in a new window)
(opens in a new window)Emer O'Beirne(opens in a new window)
(opens in a new window)Diana Battiglia
(opens in a new window)Joseph Twist(opens in a new window)
(opens in a new window)Mary Farrelly(opens in a new window)
(opens in a new window)Katherine Calvert
(opens in a new window)Marco Bellardi
(opens in a new window)Valeria Taddei

(opens in a new window)Frank Lawrence
(opens in a new window)Harry White
(opens in a new window)Jaime Jones
(opens in a new window)Wolfgang Marx
(opens in a new window)Tomas McAuley

College of Social Sciences and Law

(opens in a new window)Aidan O'Sullivan
(opens in a new window)Alan Peatfield
(opens in a new window)Gabriel Cooney (Emeritus)
(opens in a new window)Graeme Warren
(opens in a new window)Helen Lewis
Muiris O’Sullivan (Emeritus)
(opens in a new window)Tadhg O’Keeffe

(opens in a new window)Arlene Crampsie
(opens in a new window)Kath Browne

Information and Communication Studies
(opens in a new window)Amber Cushing
Lee Komito
(opens in a new window)Patrick Brodie

(opens in a new window)Maeve Cooke
(opens in a new window)Maria Baghramian
(opens in a new window)Katherine O'Donnell
(opens in a new window)Lisa Foran
(opens in a new window)Danielle Petherbridge

Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice
(opens in a new window)Ursula Barry (Emerita)
(opens in a new window)Naonori Kodate
(opens in a new window)Ernesto Vasquez Del Aguila
(opens in a new window)Joseph Mooney
(opens in a new window)Mary McAuliffe
(opens in a new window)Alan Maddock

(opens in a new window)Alice Feldman
(opens in a new window)Andreas Hess
(opens in a new window)Lea David (opens in a new window)
(opens in a new window)Rubén Flores

College of Engineering and Architecture

Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy
(opens in a new window)Finola O’Kane-Crimmins
(opens in a new window)Hugh Campbell
(opens in a new window)Samantha Martin-McAuliffe

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
(opens in a new window)Lizbeth Goodman

UCD Research

(opens in a new window)Colleen Thomas

UCD Global

(opens in a new window)Shane Lordan

Humanities Institute Membership

Eligibility: Any UCD academic staff member with an interest in the Arts and Humanities may apply. We also welcome other academics who are currently in an administrative role and are still research active to apply.
Application Procedure: Applications for HI membership may be made to the manager of the Institute at any time by emailing (opens in a new window)humanities@ucd.ie. Applicants should include a link to their RMS profile as well as any additional information deemed appropriate. Normally, membership is awarded for a three year term. Membership can be renewed. The Director may also invite colleagues to become members.

Membership Benefits:

  • Members have access to HI conference facilities free of charge*
  • Members can receive limited administrative support for research events*
  • Members can apply for inhouse residencies on behalf of their PhDs and postdocs*
  • Members can apply for HI funding for events and research projects*
  • Members can apply for unpaid HI visiting fellowships on behalf of visiting academics*
  • Members can promote their events, publications and research on the HI website

*All supports provided by the HI are subject to availability

For complete HI Membership Terms & Conditions, click HERE.

Research Associates

Early stage Researchers who are post-submission (but not necessarily post-viva) can apply to become a Research Associate of the Humanities Institute. Applications, including a CV, should be emailed to (opens in a new window)humanities@ucd.ie. The name of a Humanities Institute Member should be included as a reference. Research Associate membership is for one year but can be renewed. Research Associates are entitled to use the term 'Humanities Institute Research Associate' for publications or conference papers.

UCD Humanities Institute

University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 4690 | E: humanities@ucd.ie |