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Sources and Methodologies Seminar Series (ADEFFI-ASMCF) | February-June 2023 | Online

This series focuses on the variety of sources and approaches that constitute French studies. While sources are our point of departure for interpretations and debates, their nature, their origins, their languages, and their trajectories constitute main challenges and limits that researchers have to grapple with. The sources we decide to work with determine the methodologies and the theoretical background that frames our research and our contributions.

How do we choose our sources and what do we ask from them? What theories do we choose, and how do we draw on them? Talks on challenges, limitations and approaches to a diverse range of sources. Broadly dealing with French Studies, but open to all!

Queries can be sent to asmcfpostgradrep@gmail.com or adeffipostgrad@gmail.com
Cécile Guigui (ASMCF PG Rep.) and Maika Nguyen (ADEFFI PG Rep.)


'Futures Thinking' Forum
Workshop with Isabelle Stengers, author of 'Another Science is Possible: A Manifesto for Slow Science' (2018)

Date: Wednesday, 11th October 2023
Time: TBC
Venue: HI Seminar Room (H204 / top floor)

Workshop details to follow.


'Givenness and Revelation: On Jean-Luc Marion' Conference

Delving into all aspects and orientations at work in the writings of Jean-Luc Marion, this international conference proposes to question the intricate and complex relations between theeventsof “givenness” and “revelation” in the history of philosophy and theology. 

Through a thoughtful re-reading of the history of philosophy as well as an active commitment in the phenomenological tradition, Jean-Luc Marion has incessantly brought the dynamic of these questions, their suppositions and their consequences, to the forefront of  contemporary philosophy and theology. This international conference will bring together at University College Dublin (Ireland) philosophers to discuss all aspects of Jean-Luc Marion’s philosophical writing whilst engaging with our author a sustained hermeneutical as well as critical dialogue.

The conference is open to all. Please email joseph.cohen@ucd.ie for the full programme and any enquiries about the event.

Date: Monday, 27th March 2023
Time: 10am - 7pm
Venue: HI Seminar Room (H204 / top floor)


HI PhD Conference 2023: 'Crisis: Resistance, Rupture, Renewal'

Date: Friday, 19th May 2023
Time: TBC
Venue: HI Seminar Room (H204 / top floor)


Guest Lectures

'Futures Thinking' Forum

Professor John Barry: ‘The Imagination, Hope and the Planetary Crisis’
Professor of Green Political Economy, Co-Chair Belfast Climate Commission, School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics, Queens University Belfast

Date: Thursday, 11th May 2023
Time: 4pm
Venue: HI Seminar Room (H204 / top floor)

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