Thesis Submissions from the UCD Humanities Institute

Clarissa De Sousa Oliveira 'Intergenerational Language Transmission and Ethnolinguistic Identity: A Study of the Polish Community in Mallet/Paraná-Brazil'. (2016)

David McKinney 'The Re-Emergence of the Beckettian Aesthetic in Recent Irish Fiction'. (2016)

Treasa de Loughry 'Imagining the World: The Global Novel and Capitalism-in-Crisis'. (2016)

William Fingleton 'A Logic More Powerful than Reason: The Natural and The Artificial in the Fiction of J.G. Ballard'. (2016)

Catherine Wilsdon '"Daring to be European": J.M. Synge's transformative travels'. (2015)

Jennifer Martyn 'Beyond the Gender-Gap in Foreign Language Education: An Exploration of Identity Practices and Language Ideologies in an Irish Secondary School'. (2015)

Niall Colfer 'Turning Stone into Bread: The millstone quarries of post-medieval Ireland'. (2015)

Chloe Diskin 'Discourse-pragmatic variation and language ideologies among native and non-native speakers of English. A case study of Polish and Chinese migrants in Dublin, Ireland'. (2015)

Hemavanita Kesevan 'Classroom Ideologies and Teaching Styles of Expatriate Monolingual and Local Multilingual Teachers in a Post-colonial Context'. (2015)

Denise Keating 'Childhood in Early Medieval Ireland: Perspectives from Human Osteology and Archaeology'. (2014)

Corinna Ricasoli 'Non Omnis Moriar: Artists' Funerary Monuments in Baroque Rome'. (2014)

Laura Scharding 'Red-light Philadelphia, 1850-1900: Historical Archaeology, Social History, Urban Geography'. (2014)

Clíodhna Ní Lionáin 'The Legacy of Míl: Modern Perceptions of Prehistoric Irish-Iberian Connections'. (2014)

Cormac O'Brien 'Acting the Man: Performing Masculinities in Contemporary Irish Theatre'. (2014)

Feargal Whelan 'Samuel Beckett and the Irish Protestant Imagination'. (2014)

Emma Creedon 'The Role of Visual and Theoretical Surrealism in the Plays of Sam Shepard'. (2013)

Aoife Lynch 'A String Theory of Irish Art: Cycles of Time in Beckett and Yeats'. (2013)

Scott Hamilton '"Abode where lost bodies roam": The Condition of Exile in the Prose of Samuel Beckett'. (2013)

Kirsten Mulrennan 'Issues in Archiving Historical Medical Records in Ireland'. (2013)

Neil Johnston 'Parliament, Politics and the Restoration Land Settlement in Ireland, 1660-5'. (2012)

Elaine C. dos S. Pereira Farrell 'Taboo and Penitence: Christian Conversion and Popular Religion in Early Medieval Ireland.' 2 volumes. (2012)

Miriam Haughton 'A Theatre of Crisis: Power and Punishment in Contemporary Irish Theatre and Performance'. (2012)

Pauline Graham 'The Keys of the Kingdom: An Exegetical Reading of William Byrd's Three Masses and Great Service'. (2012)

Muireann Leech 'Critiquing Culture through the Male Autobiographical Voice: A Case Study of Four Intermodernist Authors'. (2012)

Brian Dolan 'The Social and Technological Context of Iron Production in Iron Age and Early Medieval Ireland c. 600 BC - AD 900'. (2012)

Niamh Ní Shiadhail 'Conspóidí creidimh 1818 - c. 1848: roinnt fianaise ó fhilíocht na Gaeilge (Religious controversies 1818 - c. 1848: some evidence from Irish-language poetry)'. (2012)

Rebeca Boyd 'Viking Houses in Ireland and Western Britain, AD 850-1100: A Social Archaeology of Dwellings, Households and Cultural Identities. (2012)

Elizabeth Dawson 'Preceptions of Conversion in Seventh-Century Ireland: Representations of Christian Transformation in the Lives of Patrick and Brigit'. (2012)

Fintan Hoey 'Sato and America: U.S.-Japanese Political, Military and Diplomatic Relations During the Tenure of Sato Eisaku, Prime Minister of Japan, 1964-1972'. (2011)

Milène Pagès 'Le rôle des facteurs sociaux lors de l’acquisition et l’utilisation du français L3 et L4 dans la classe multilingue en Irlande. (The role of social factors on the acquisition and use of French as an L3/L4 in the multilingual classroom in Ireland). (2011)

Neil Carlin 'A proper place for everything: the character and context of Beaker depositional practise in Ireland'. (2011)

Úna-Frances Clarke 'The Development of Symphonic Sonata Form from Mahler to Shostakovich'. (2011)

Giulia Bruna 'On the Road with M.J. Synge: The Aran Islands and the Travel Essays'. (2011)

Maureen Doyle 'Dress, ornament and bodily identities in early medieval Ireland: an archaeology of personhood'. (2010)

Adam Kelly 'Moments of Decision in Contemporary American Fiction. (2010)

Bryce Evans 'Farewell to Plato's Cave: "Moral Economy" in Emergency Ireland, 1939-1945'. (2010)

Chiara Tedaldi 'Between the obligation of memory and the art of forgetfulness: a study on the introduction of Italy's Giorno del Ricordo'. (2010)

Aimée Patrice Little 'Tasks, temporalities and textures: reconstructing the social topography of an Irish Mesolithic lakescape'.  (2010)

Anna O'Driscoll 'Constructions of Melancholy in Contemporary German and Austrian Literature'. (2010)

Diane Sabenacio Nititham 'Walking towards home: doslocations, enactments and the symbolism on home for filipinas in Ireland'.  (2010)

Rania-Eleftheria Kosmidou 'Conflict, remembering and forgetting civil wars and memories in post-1989 European cinema'. (2010)

Mark Empey 'Paving the way to prerogative: the politics of Sir Thomas Wentworth, c. 1614-1635'. (2009)

Karl Whitney 'Everyday Life and Urban Space in Post-war France: Henri Lefebvre, the Situationist Internation and Georges Perec'. (2009)

Carole Holohan 'Every Generation has its Task: Attitudes to Irish Youth in the Sixties'. (2009)

Carmen Frese ‘From Dracula's Land to Bram Stoker's Country: Romanians Building "Community" in Ireland’. (2009)

Tziovanis Georgakis ‘The Pathways of Memory in Martin Heidegger’. (2009)

Laura O’Brien ‘Caricature, satire and republican identity in the French Second Republic’. (2009)

Tiernan McGarry ‘Irish Late Prehistoric Burials'. (2008)

Clara Cullen ‘The Museum of Irish Industry (1845-1867): research environment, popular museum and community of learning in mid-Victorian Ireland’. (2008)

Ross Woods ‘The Impossible Task of Writing: Memory in the Later Poetry of José Manuel Caballero Bonald’. (2008)

Shane McCorristine ‘Varieties of Ghost-seeing Experience in Victorian and Edwardian Culture’.  (2007) Ph.D. published by Cambridge University Press.

Emily Mark-Fitzgerald ‘Memorials and Monuments to the Irish Famine: Commemorative Art and History’.  (2007)

Éimear O’Connor ‘Sean Keating (1889-1977) - New Perspectives’. (2007)

Niamh Cullen ‘From avant-gardism to antifascism: The Politics of Publishing in Turin between 1918 and 1928’. (2007)

Thomas Kador ‘Marking out a new path: people, places and movement in early prehistoric Ireland’.  (2007)

Susan Cahill 'Bodyscapes: mapping the body in the novels of Anne Enright, Colum McCann and Éilís Ní Dhuibhne. (2007)

Emma Radley 'Uncanny Interlocutions: The Dynamics of the Real in Contemporary Cinema.

Sarah O'Connor 'Women and Cultural Change in Ireland, 1960-2000: Bilingualism, Regionalism and Translation.

Máirín Ní Cheallaigh ‘The inter-relationships between archaeological and other monuments’. (2006)

Deirdre Kelliher ‘Remembered Violence: Representations of the First World War in the work of Arnold Zweig’. (2006)

Katherine O'Callaghan 'The Space Between: Music and Language in the Writings of James Joyce.

Malcolm Sen ‘Orientalism and Irish modernism’. (2006)

Brian Cooper ‘Narrating the "Dark Back of Time": Anxiety and Fantasy in the Later Novels of Javier Marías’. (2006)

Carmen Szabo ‘“Clearing the Ground”: The Field Day Theatre Company and the Creation of Irish Identities’. (2005)