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Creative Technologies Network (CTN) Seminar Series will be given by Dr Nadia Pantidi

Monday, 13 June, 2016

*Second Seminar* Creative Technologies Network (CTN) Seminar Series will be given by Dr Nadia Pantidi (University College Cork, School of Applied Psychology) Title: Reconsidering sustainability and engagement for digitally connected communities.

===== Creative Technologies Network (CTN) Seminar Series ====

Speaker: Dr Nadia Pantidi (University College Cork, School of Applied Psychology)

Venue: E3.29, UCD O’Brien Science Building (Insight Centre)

Date & Time: Friday 27th May, 11-11:50am

Title: Reconsidering sustainability and engagement for digitally connected communities

Abstract: In this talk I will be discussing the challenges faced by communities with collective commitments to sustainability agendas in their effort to harness the potential of digital technologies. While still at early stages of integration, digital technologies are used to establish and sustain connections within such communities as well as to reach out and promote engagement with a wider public.  
By drawing from examples of previous and current work in varied contexts (e.g. food innovation, biodiversity, alternative transactional systems), this talk aims to provide an understanding of the practices and values of sustainability-driven communities that challenges current notions of sustainability, as well as highlight the role digital technologies can have in actively (re)shaping relationships between people and their environment. 

Speaker Biography: Dr. Nadia Pantidi is a lecturer in HCI in the School of Applied Psychology at UCC and member of the People & Technology Research group and the Resilience & Transition Research group. Before joining UCC, she was a Research Fellow in the Mixed Reality Lab in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham and a member of the Pervasive Interaction Lab at the Open University. Her research focuses on understanding people’s interactions with technology in the real world; designing interventions and technologies that are sensitive to, and reflective of, the values, practices and experiences of end users and stakeholders. For the last 7 years, she has worked in interdisciplinary teams designing and evaluating technology for the areas of education, food innovation and wellbeing, sustainability (energy, biodiversity, citizen science), disaster response. 

===About the Creative Technologies Network===
The Creative Technologies Network (CTN) is a partnership between UCD and NCAD that aims to bring together leading academics, designers and practitioners in all creative and academic disciplines relevant to the areas of interaction design, multimedia design and human?computer interaction so as to facilitate cutting edge collaborations, research and design that will drive our digital future.

Further information about the Creative Technologies Network can be found at:- (opens in a new window)http://creativetechnologiesnetwork.com/ 

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