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Exchanges Step by Step

Information on how to apply to go on Exchange from UCD.

How to Apply for Exchange

  1. Visit our website

    Whether you have just heard about exchange and want to find out what is involved or have already decided that you want to spend a year or semester abroad, you should visit our website: Going on Erasmus / Non-EU exchange.

    Here you will find information on where you can go, how to apply and much more.

  2. Attend an Exchange talk

    Throughout October and November UCD International holds weekly talks in the Global Lounge.  UCD International staff will provide practical information on exchange opportunities, the benefits of studying abroad and talk you through the application process. You will also hear from your fellow UCD students who will speak about their experience as exchange students.

  3. Confirm how and when you apply

    If you are applying for a Non-EU exchange through UCD International the application deadline is as follows:

    All universities – 24th January 2019

    See How to Apply for more information on the application process.

    If you are interested in applying for an Erasmus exchange you must contact the Erasmus coordinator directly to confirm deadlines and find out how to apply. See Where Can I Go for a list of exchanges and coordinators in your subject area. 

  4. Complete the relevant UCD exchange application

    You begin the application process by applying to either UCD International or the coordinator in your School.

  5. Hear if you are nominated to apply to a host university

    Your application will be assessed and you will be informed if it has been successful and you will then be advised on the next step, applying to your host university. If you applied for the University of California through UCD International you will be notified before the Christmas break. For other Non-EU exchanges you will be notified in February or March.

    For Erasmus exchanges both deadlines and time of notification vary and the coordinator will provide you with information on when you will be notified.

  6. Apply to your host university

    Students who are nominated to apply for an exchange, whether Erasmus or Non-EU, must then apply directly to their host university. You will receive more information on how to apply when you are nominated – deadlines and procedures vary between universities so it is important that you note and adhere to these deadlines.