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Facilities and Equipment



The following equipment can be hired for external use.

Phone: +353 1 716 1787
Email: oran.orua@ucd.ie  or  John.gahan@ucd.ie 

Measurement Equipment:

  • KEMCO CMM 400E coordinate measurement machine.


  • Instron 100kN servo-hydraulic tensile-compression-fatigue testing machine, with 5,50,100,250kN load cells, & temperature chamber.


  • Instron 250kN servo-hydraulic tensile-compression-fatigue testing machine, with 5,50,100,250kN load cells, temperature chamber, and Wave matric & Bluehill software.


  • Hounsfield H50KS screw-drive materials testing machine, with 50,10,1,0.1kN load cells.


  • Lloyd 6000S universal materials testing machine.


  • Zwich Roell combined torsion/tensile/compression testing machine with high-speed video recording facility.


  • Rosand high strain-rate impact tester with High-speed digital camera & datat acquisition.


Machining Equipment:

  • HAAS Tl2 CNC lathe


  • HURCO VM1 CNC milling machine


  • HURCO VM3 CNC milling machine


  • Diode laser for surface treatment & laser assisted machining


  • Agie Charmilles Form 20 ECM die sinker


  • YAG Star Cut 150 solid-state laser profile cutter


This is a large, modern, well equipped, well staffed machine shop with computer-integrated 2-D and 3-D profiling capability, solid-state and diode laser facilities for combined machining and surface heat treatment, as well as a full suite of machine tools. Detailed list of equipment is as follows:

  • CNC Lathe + Diode Laser (Hembrug Super Mikrocut CNC
  • YAG Laser -solid state- (Star Cut 150)
  • HAAS TL2 CNC Lathe
  • HURCO VM1 CNC Milling Machine
  • HURCO VM3 CNC Milling Machine
  • Agie Charmilles Form 20 EDM Machine
  • AC Portable Crane
  • Rapidor Horizontal Power Saw(Excel 10 Bandsaw)
  • Arboga Pedestal Tool Grinder
  • Ajax Radial Drilling Machine
  • Peddinghaus 4.RRI8 Guillotine
  • Waltons BSRI3I5O Sheet Metal Roller
  • Denbigh 4 Hand Press
  • Jakobsen Surface Grinder(Equitop ESG 2A 618 Surface Grinder)
  • Colchester Mastiff 1400 Lathe
  • Pal Universal Vertical Milling Machine(Two of Emill machines)
  • Jones & Shipman Precision Cylindrical Grinder
  • Waltons Sheet Metal Guillotine
  • Waltons Sheet Metal Bending Machine
  • Microcut 873 Milling Machine
  • Ajax Cleveland, Universal Milling Machine
  • AB Arboga Maskiner double grinder (Pedestal)
  • Broach Press
  • 2 off Colchester (Student 2500) Lathes
  • 2 off Ajax Pedestal Drilling Machine
  • Band Saw (Inca 500) (Excel KV 100)
  • March MKII Tool & Cutter Grinder
  • Oxy Acetylene Welding Kit
  • ESAB (DEB 275 Square Wave ACIDC)Welding Plant
  • Miller Dialare Welding Plant
  • Miller 20 Series Mig/Tig/MA Welding Plant
  • Murex Tradesman 251 Mig Welding Plant
  • Mac Special 280M Bandsaw

The metrology and metallography facilities enable advanced preparation and analysis procedures to be carried out. Please call for further information.

  • KEMCO CMM 400E
  • Taylor/Hobson Form Talysurf and PC
  • Talysurf 10
  • Chapman MP200 Laser Surface Profiler
  • UBM Microfocus Laser Profilometer
  • Mitutoye PJ 300 profile Projector
  • Helios Digital Height Gauge
  • 2x CI Surface Block 
  • 1x Granite Surface Block 
  • 1x Mitutoye Microscope
  • 1x Set Angle Blocks
  • 2x Sets Roller Gauges 
  • 1x Slip Gauges 
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) - Supplier: Bruker  
  • Confocal Optical Microscope VHX-5000- Supplier: Keyence 
  • White-Light Interferometer NPFLEX - Supplier: Bruker 
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) VideoCheck HA - Supplier: Werth 

  • Nikon Optiphot microscope, together with camera, CCTV and video printer.
  • Buehler Omnimet II Automatic Image Analyser.
  • Richart Projector Microscope 
  • Stereoscopic Microscope.
  • Coating equipment for SEM samples.
  • Guiner X-Ray diffractometer.
  • Wilson Hardness 523T for regular and ‘superficial’ hardness tests.
  • Wilson Tukon Micro Hardness Tester 
  • Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), TEM and Probe – access on campus.
  • Buehler Power Met II - Automatic Cut-off machine.
  • Buehler Supernet - Power Grinder.
  • 2 x Mounting Presses – Automatic Pneumet II.
  • Grinding/Polishing equipment.
  • Microware tester Struers calibrated Abrapol.
  • Portable Metallographic preparation kit.
  • Micro Abrasive Jet Machine - Supplier: Crystal-Mark/Roland - Non-conventional sand-blaster 
  • Electropolishing system - Supplier: CorrTest 
  • Solid Electrolyte Electropolishing machine 

There is a suite of state-of-the art testing machines for carrying out the full range of mechanical property tests from advanced accelerated life-cycle fatigue tests to simple hardness testing. A full list of equipment is as follows:

  • Instron 250kN servo-hydraulic materials testing machine
  • Instron 100kN servo-hydraulic materials testing machine
  • Instron 5kN 4x station servo-hydraulic materials testing machine
  • Load cells: 5,50,100,250kN dynamic 
  • Temperature chamber (-70C to 200C)
  • Wave matrix and Bluehill software for the 250kn Instron
  • Hounsfield H50KS (screw drive) materials testing machine 
  • Load cells: 50,10,1,0.1kN
  • Universal Testing, Lloyd 6000S
  • Rosand high strain rate impact test machine. (25kg @ 4.4M/s freefall and 7kg @16M/s accelerated), high speed digital camera (2000 frames/s) 2x PC and data acquisition.
  • Zwich Roell combined torsion/tensile/compression test machine with video extens
  • Vickers Hardness Tester
  • Brinell Hardness Tester
  • Rockwell hardness Tester
  • 2 x Charpy Impact Testers
  • 2 x General Purpose Furnaces 
  • Portable Hardness Tester 
  • NDT Equipment- Ultrasonic, Eddycurrent, Penetrant
  • Lloyd LR30 K Tensile Test Machine
  • Houndsfield H20K-W Tensile Test Machine
  • Pin-on-disk wear tester Neo-Tribo MFW120 - Supplier: Neoplus

  • Harvard Qaulivac Vacuum Oven
  • Struers Disopan –TS Cutter.
  • Fritsch Analysette 3E Crusher
  • Mettler AE 260 Balance
  • Decon FS3006 Ultrasonic Bath
  • Memmert Oven
  • Powerpoint Freezer
  • Novum Freezer
  • Vacuum System
  • Radiation Detector 
  • Spectrometer
  • Optical Emission Spectrometer OBLF, calibrated for all ferrous, all copper alloys, all aluminum alloys. 

X-ray set (140kV), together with associated equipment and film processing accessories.

  • Balancing Machine
  • Derritron TW1500 Power Amplifier
  • Derritron VP30 Shaker
  • Feedback Test Wave Generator
  • Feedback Variable Phase Oscillator
  • Feedback Servo Rig P5150 
  • Feedback Process Trainer PT326
  • Feedback Process Simulator PCS327
  • Bruel & Kjaer
  • Sound Lever Meter, Level Recorder, Graphic Printer
  • Accelerometers Set
  • Transducers:
  • Capacitative, Magnetic, Force, Impact Hammer.
  • Microphones, Sound Intensity Probes, Piston Phone Set.
  • Homeg Frequency Counter.
  • Pre Amplifiers
  • Accelerometer Calibrators
  • Measuring Amplifiers
  • Sine/Random Generator
  • Heterodune Slave Filter, Level Recorder, Audio Frequency Analyser, Frequency Analyser, Band Pass Filter, Stilain Gauge Amplifier, Noise Level Analyzer-statistical processor, Motion Analyser, Automatic Vibration Exciter Controller

  • TTG (Twin Turret Grinder) Precision Grinding Machine - Supplier: Cranfield Precision - Special precision grinding machine
  • Ultra-Precision Multi Axis Freeform Generator Freeform L(single-point diamond turning and milling) - Supplier: Ametek-Precitec (delivery imminent) - Special ultra-precision machine
  • Micro Electric Discharge Machine EM203 - Supplier: SmalTec -Non-conventional precision machine

UCD School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

UCD Engineering and Materials Science Centre University College Dublin Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 1884