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Research to Literally Get Under the Skin of Things

Research to Literally Get Under the Skin of Things


Monday, 25 April, 2022

Associate Professor Aisling Ní Annaidh

Associate Professor Aisling Ní Annaidh of the School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Photo by Ste Murray

An unusual research topic for her doctoral thesis led Dr Aisling Ní Annaidh into the fascinating world of tissue biomechanics – the study of research into the mechanical and physical properties of tissue – and developing a particular focus on the skin. This has in turn led her and her team to undertake a wide range of research over the past decade with significant practical healthcare impacts. The outcomes include unexpected results leading to changes to EU standards for helmet testing, supporting innovation in Ireland’s world-leading medical devices sector and, most recently, a novel approach to the age-old challenge of customising wheelchairs for people who have a physical disability.

"There’s absolutely no point in having a sophisticated model that has no basis in reality. The experiments provide us with the information we need to create more sophisticated models – so they both have a place in our work and complement each other very well."

You can read the full case study here: Research to Literally Get Under the Skin of Things

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