Research Team

Dr Maria Farren

Dr Maria Farren is undertaking a RCT on whether a pseudovitamin Inisotol taken orally from early pregnancy will decrease the number of women whose pregnancies are complicated by Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Dr Farren plans to submit her MD in Q3 2106.

Dr Amy O'Higgins

Dr Amy O'Higgins completed her prospective longitudinal observation study on the relationship between gestational weight gain and both maternal and neonatal outcomes, including birth weight and neonatal body composition. Dr O'Higgins was awarded her MD in 2015. Dr O'Higgins also published an important clinical audits on maternal bacteraemia and the incidence of GDM nationally.

Dr Patrick Maguire

Dr Patrick Maguire completed his prospective observational clinical studies on the development of a customised Sepsis Six Box for the Irish Maternity Early Warning System (IMEWS). He also completed an audit of the IMEWS in the setting of a High Dependency Unit and studies on the role of biomarkers in the management of infection in the pregnant woman. This work led to two national reports for the HSE and was incorporated into the first NCEC guideline in obstetrics. Dr Maguire plans to submit his MD in Q3 2016.

Dr Aoife McKeating

Dr Aoife McKeating completed her review of periconceptual Folic Acid supplementation in women who delivered a baby in the Coombe in the years 2009-13 inclusive using the hospital's computerised database. In particular, she focused on supplementation in obese women. Dr McKeating's papers have been cited in the first National Maternity Strategy Report and have contributed to the public health review of folic acid supplementation policies currently underway. Dr McKeating plans to submit her PhD in Q3 2016.

Dr Georsan Caruth

Dr Georsan Caruth is undertaking an RCT examine the use of a smartapp to influence lifestyle behavioural changes in women postnatally and thus, reduce maternal weight gain. Dr. Caruth plans to submit her MD in 2017.

Ms Laura Mullaney

Ms Laura Mullaney has completed recruitment to a prospective observational study examining the relationship between maternal nutrition and both weight and body composition trajectories between early pregnancy and nine months postpartum. This research will provide important new data on dietary intakes in early pregnancy and will help in the design of future intervention studies. Ms Mullaney plans to submit her PhD in Q2 2016.

Ms Shona Cawley

Ms Shona Cawley is undertaking a prospective observational study of periconceptual folic acid supplementation, dietary folate and maternal blood folates in women booking for antenatal care. Ms Cawley's work has been cited in the National Maternity Strategy Report and will inform new national policies on the prevention of NTDs. Ms Cawley plans to submit her PhD in 2017.

Dr Niamh Daly

Dr Niamh Daly is undertaking a RCT evaluating an intensive supervised exercise intervention during pregnancy in obese women. As part of her study, Dr Daly has conducted pioneering work on the preananalytical management of maternal plasma glucose measurements and has completed a national audit on the laboratory standards for Oral Glucose Tolerance Testing. Dr Daly plans to submit her PhD in Q4 2016.

Dr Ciara Reynolds

Ms Ciara Reynolds is conducting a RCT evaluating a customised smartapp to help women stop smoking during pregnancy. Ms Reynolds is planning to submit her PhD in early 2018.

Ms Rachel Kennedy

Ms Rachel Kennedy is conducting a RCT evaluating a customised smartapp to improve the dietary quality of women at risk of GDM. Ms Kennedy is planning to submit her PhD in 2017.

Associated Researchers

Other associated clinical investigators within UCD Centre for Human Reproduction include:

  • Dr Mairead Kennelly
  • Prof Chris Fitzpatrick

Other associated researchers within the UCD Centre for Human Reproduction include:

  • Dr Somaia Elsayed
  • Ms Rachel Kennedy

Research Collaborations

Professor Turner continues his collaborative research with Professor Richard Layte and Dr Aoife Brick in the ESRI to determine what factors are responsible for increasing Caesarean section rates nationally. He also continues his collaborative work with HSE project manager Dr Lean McMahon in developing and implementing the Irish Maternity Indicator System (IMIS) for hospital performance measurement, and with Project Manager Dr Karen Power in developing guidelines and training for the critically ill woman. He is also working with Ms Mairead McGuire on the development of a National Medications Programme for obstetrics and gynaecology.