Photo Editors

This section of the website is designed to introduce visitors to some of the key issues and challenges facing those working in photo editing (or as Heads of Photography/Pictures) today.  The traditional work of photo editors on print publications such as newspapers and magazines has now often expanded to include web-based versions of older media brands.  The growth of the Internet itself has changed the work patterns of many photo editors and greatly increased the number of images (now usually digital) with which they deal on a daily basis. 

In addition to photo editors and Heads of Photography working for mainstream news media, this site section will also include interviews with those working as editors, managers and directors of photography in a variety of photo agencies, NGOs and wire services.  Changing economic models for traditional media clients and an increase in Internet-based opportunities for photo sales and distribution are provoking innovations and alterations in the way these organisations function.  While photojournalism is often said to be 'in crisis' as an industry, these interviews illustrate, among many other things, the diverse responses that are being presently undertaken in the visual media business at large to ensure its survival and further development. 


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